Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weight Loss

Earlier this year in the spring, I had noticed I had gained some unhealthy weight. Unhappy with that, I changed my ways and started working out every day. I used Wii Fit and DDR to lose 10-15 lbs.

Yes, they do work. I even had started getting much more defined abs. I'm not a heavy guy or anything, so of course, results may vary. But if you want a fun(ner) way to lose weight, they both can help. So you know, I'm about 5'10, WAS 168lbs  , managed to get down to 153 at one point.

I probably gained back half the weight I lost by now, but I'm not too worried; I know some of it is muscle. I stopped working out every day after getting so many distractions from being able to work out (with the wii or just traditional exercises on my own). I only like to work out in private, but my room is not big enough for the more strenuous work outs, and the only room with enough space would be the living room... which is occupado most the day. My only options would be to wait for family to all leave for work (anywhere from 5am-11am before they leave) on weekdays, and wake up early on weekends, hoping no one would wake up. As soon as someone wakes up/gets home, I would be open to teasing and other colorful commentary from father and sister, or my mothers cloud of cigarette smoke engulfing my lungs. This was also during the time I was in college too, so I wouldn't have the opportunity to focus on working out all the time.

These days, I pretty much do a few yoga poses on my own, and play ddr/itg every now and then, but the motivation is being lost slowly. I probably need another wake up call of fat before I get back into it. I am worried about getting fat because of my father going on about saying, "One day, you'll be just like me with a big belly!" I know it's stupid, but I see it as a challenge to prove him wrong (or perhaps its a complex, though I wouldn't call it that). And I love to prove him wrong.

My metabolism from playing soccer when I was younger and playing ungodly amounts of DDR is what probably keeps me skinny when I'm lazy, but I know for a fact it is winding down. It'd be nice if I had a better atmosphere (or better yet, ROOM) to exercise, but that doesn't look like it will be happening until I move out or parents find a better house.


  1. That's so weird, your Ads are all about weight loss!
    Good post man, good luck.

  2. DDR and Rock Band drums keep me in shape for the most part. I used to play DDR a lot, but not much anymore, but I play RB drums all the damned time. Surprisingly, it helps, especially playing some more up-tempo/metal songs.

  3. My entire family is blessed/cursed with high metabolisms. Even as they approach 50 my parents are still very thin.

    Also, I don't know if any other studies were done but apparently wii fit is about 1/3 as effective as doing normal exercise. Just something to consider.

    You're still in better shape than me though. :P

  4. Dont get fat :( I dont like fat people. Take care of your body, it is the only one you have and it directly influences your only life.

  5. Where did you DDR, at home or in arcades? Also, if it home, what pads you use?

  6. Sounds like you enjoy some fun ways to work out. For me I usually just do boxing and running, and the combo keeps me fit and looking allright.

  7. @Rezden - I always play DDR at the arcade. For a short period of my life, I was able to play it at home when my sister let me play in her room, but that stopped when she kept letting her room become overcrowded and/or messy. used normal default pads that would come with the game at first, but dad found a way to "laminate" the pads onto a wooden board so it would slip/crumple less. Unfortunately the sensors died out quickly.