Monday, November 8, 2010

Just want to remind everyone my last post was just something I was pondering, not something I was going to consider. I would not want to place that sort of burden on my family intentionally. I do appreciate the concern though. Willingly going into insanity sounds like a tv show plot, actually...

Anyway... A friend of mine linked me to this story some days ago: My Son Is Gay
Short version is a mother's 5-year old son wanted to dress up like Daphne from Scooby Doo for a supervised Halloween party at school. Son was worried he'd be made fun of only when he got to school first, but his classmates were having no problem with it. it was the classmates mothers who made this whole stink to the mother saying they shouldn't let him dress up like that.

Is it wrong to let a child cross-dress for Halloween? The mother mentions if this was a daughter dressing up in a guy's costume, the parents probably would not have had a problem. Personally, I think it's just stupid for other parents to get all in a huff about it. It's just for Halloween! Kids are supposed to dress differently that day.

I remember the Halloween parties done in Elementary School. There were a few guys dressed as girls, and there was hardly any problems. One guy was a male witch, another dressed as a woman, telling everyone "Yeah, don't I make a scary woman?" Couldn't argue with that. Neither him or the male witch ended up gay in high school either (but if they decided they liked women's clothing in secret or something, I wouldn't know). In short, it just wasn't a big deal.

Now if a child started wearing dresses or something on a regular basis, there may be room for concern. Not because its wrong or something, but because THEN it can be harmful to the child socially. Children are cruel. I understand it is not right to force a child to be something they are not, but at this point, it's more of a matter to protect the child from ridicule.

Sometimes children would be more accepting than people would think, but it is just the parents that have the biggest problem, and fuel their hate into their kids. My mother told me about how the PTA was in elementary school, about how high school the parents acted. My mother and a friend of mine at the time's mother were talking to several parents, getting along with them, and then this other mother came into the room. This one was lower class, so the bulk of the parents told my mom and friend's mom not to get close to her, she might be infested with all sorts of bugs and diseases. Not liking being told what to do, nor to be mean to others, my mother and friend's mom went right over to the woman and started chatting it up right then and there.

A week or so later, I was started to be picked on by a fair amount of the kids, along with my friend and the daughter of the poorer woman. The three of us were getting along fine with everyone else until that one meeting. It's really sad.


  1. I'm not too sure about the kids and cross dressing thing

  2. Wow, I'd punch that cunt in the face.

  3. Parents get weirder and weirder every generation.

  4. I like that story about the mom and the son. People are so narrowminded sometimes.