Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick opinion & Phone scammer?

My best friend said she would make a banner for the blog. Thing is, neither she or I know what sort of design it should be. Any ideas for it would be appreciated.

Funny thing, she just got a call from somebody saying she won a $200 gas card. The guy claimed she was a valuable customer (of what, the guy didn't say), and lived on the same street as her. Then said "[her name] is your mother or sister, right?" She messed with him a little, and kept asking, "Why are you trying to scam me?" he kept reassuring her he wasn't just wanted to give her a gas card, and at the end of the phone convo, he says he'll knock on her door "for some friendship."

Those curious to mess with the guy, she has the phone number of the scammer. Wanna mess with him? Go for it! 1-800-219-7809. 800 number so it's not like a personal phone call, it's free. If anyone does decide to, please describe the experience. I don't encourage this, but just throw it out there. ;)


  1. Oh, you got to love messing with scammers. As for the banner, I have no clue what you should do. Sorry >.<

  2. I hate scammers and sales callers, we get a lot at my house apparently (I don't answer the phone)
    A banner in a banner in a banner in a banner

  3. No idea on the banner, something that represents you though. :)

    That is messed up about the scammer. I almost got taken for $200 because of my credit card number being stolen.

  4. wow, thats creepy. Someone is trying to rape her. Not cool.
    No clue on the banner, im sure itll be awesome.

  5. Haha...I just found out what I'm doing with my weekend. Hopefully that number's still in service by then.