Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shit just got real; Homestuck

I have been following Homestuck for awhile now, have even re-read the entire series twice, and I gotta say, this shit is bananas! Bringing together video game logic, epic adventures, sciency stuff, and hell, even friendship (but in a totally not-kiddy way). I've already discussed Homestuck somewhat in the past, but it was just a small feature. For those who want to get into reading it but have a hard time grasping or getting into it, I have an image to help you read it. I found it online, I can't say it really will be useful, but gives you a better sense of the web series without me pretty much copy and pasting a summary online.

I edited this to make it easier to see and have it at it's largest available to me. Want to read it better? Either manually zoom (Hold shift and use mouse wheel scroll-up for zoom in) or save it and zoom in via image program.
Only one semi-spoiler up there, and it's not really much of one by this point. As for what has happened really, well... I am going to state what happened without mentioning names nor will I be too specific, so fear not of spoilers. If you are worried it will give away the story too much, however, just scroll down to the second image.

See below this image for story stuffs going on

Characters are dying. One lovable character was killed some time back, which was a little sad but nothing too traumatic compared to others deaths. Fans are speculating he will be brought back to life in an awesome way, but nothing is confirmed. This guy was more like a lovable oaf anyway.

A person who probably could be considered a background character has VERY RECENTLY killed two girls and is going turncoat. Makes some sense considering how little attention was given to him (this could be said on a few characters really). The first girl to die was a nice one, but like the previous death mentioned above, was nothing too important. The second one to die however... well... it was a bit tragic. She seemed like she would be one to survive and was getting a lot of dialogue lately. It's a good plan to make the death more traumatic I suppose, taking the viewers by surprise.

Besides the turncoat killing, another character, who too, seemed like a background character has now gone insane and is pledging to kill everyone, or at least so it seems. No killings yet, but it just turned this story into a survival/horror phase.

End of story discussion
I'll admit, the current story led me to download a notifier for when the site updates. Normally, I wait a week and catch up on the weekend, but I'm going to follow closely until the story changes the point of view. Silly, yes, but I grew attached to some characters and wish to see what will happen to the.

Next update (or the one after that, depending my mood) will be about a dream I had related to the comic. It was pretty cool and will be explained as it would to someone not familiar with the series. I told this to three people who know nothing of this and they were able to grasp it pretty well. I just hope I can type it up decently. May even have to draw a few things. Till next time.


  1. Homestuck: Kids and Fun, amirite
    It's been a pretty safe adventure so far, especially with closed-loops and split timelines preventing anyone dying so far. Characters were going to start dying, because it's around this time in stories that they do to raise the stakes and make it more dangerous.

  2. @Les - I was upset when... er... End of the act before midnight crew came into play happened. Ascend or descend, one of them, that awesome scene in space and stuff... really choked me up. This didn't so much but just numbed me up.

  3. what is this I haven't heard of it sounds cool though

  4. i have not yet heard of this cool idea

  5. Actually a really interesting idea. Cool! Thanks

  6. sounds really cool. i think i will try it

  7. Woooo. hard to read with the new layout.

  8. A friend of mine is really into the Homestuck series. I've started it but haven't been able to make much progress due to my schedule.. But I'm looking forward to getting through it when I can!