Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update of the general variety.

So the whole fridge/freezer ended up dying. We now run up and down the stairs for food. At least it will get us all some exercise I suppose.

The snow that came was really not THAT bad. The earlier snowstorm was much worse. This time, our upstairs neighbor actually helped out with the shoveling. It wasn't very good, but it made things easier for my sister and I to shovel. Normally, he and his wife don't do shit to help us, just wait for us to clear a path and then they dig out their cars.

My friend and I played Donkey Kong Country for the first time yesterday, which was quite fun! It reminds me of the epicness that was the New Super Mario Bros for Wii, though only two can play at a time. I should tell a story about some of our NSMB:Wii adventures in a later post, I'm don't think I ever did... But anyway, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is great, and we already beat world 1. Still need to gather some extras here and there, but that's what extends the game-life. I really love the one level that looks like an iPod commercial, haha!

Just was so awesome looking to me, despite it being simplistic and hard to see.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is frustrating me... I'm at the point where the dungeons now go for longer than 20 floors, and one mistake wipes out the team. Also, I keep running out of inventory space because of all the treasures on all those floors... I still want to beat the shit out of the game though.

Dragon Quest 9... I'm fading out on some. I continue on doing the DLC quests but otherwise gave up on legacy bosses, leveling, and so on. It's getting frustrating to deal with these random grotto maps that don't provide the monsters I need for leveling. Damn my perfectionism!

Dragon Quest 6 DS coming out on Valentines day on the otherhand... I'm all sorts of excited for! My favorite of the series despite playing it in Japanese originally. There's a preorder bonus that comes with it if you do so at gamestop; a mini slime plushie! Despite my hate for that store, I'll end up preordering from there still. They just better not cheat me out of the item like they have a few other preorders ago... (MANY years ago though)

Got a bunch of random trophies for Neopets again. I really seem to have the luck with the chance games, heh.

Having weird doomsday dreams lately. Nothing remarkable to note about them, though, just the world ending and there's nothing I can do about it. I just hope that's a stray thought and not my mind sensing things to come (lol cause I'm totally psychic). Also had a cool HomeStuck related dream. I may go into detail about that sometime.

Thanks to Sucio Sanchez introducing it to me as well as providing tutorials, I have been fooling around the image program, "GIMP" to make icons and better images. Unfortunately, my creativity is a bit limited, considering my imaging skills evolved from MS Paint... Hopefully the more tricks I learn from SS, the better my imaging skills shall get.

My attempts at iconning seen from left to right from a select neopets image. Seems boring to me...


  1. I might have to grab the new Dragon Quest :p

  2. looks pretty sick, might have to check it out

  3. I like the WTF. I used Chancoop's tutorial for setting up a browser tab icon.

  4. Donkey Kong looks cool, to bad I only game on PC..

  5. Nice post man, donkey kong returns looks good might have to try it