Friday, January 28, 2011

In lieu of the Homestuck dream I mentioned, I will be asking for opinions on banners. As previously mentioned, I've been dabbling with imaging, as well as been trying to make a banner for the blog. My friend who is better at imaging than me was going to design a banner, but she needed some idea for what I wanted out of it and I really had no clue so that went no where.

Instead I've taken it upon myself to make banners by carefully cutting images... or not so carefully really. I just went for what sort of looked cool. Still, I've never made myself a banner really, so opinions could be useful, or ideas based on the ones I present.

I really have no idea how to make a banner, so I just though of strips. I've seen full size images before, but none of the images I have seemed right for it really. Images above depict interests of mine, two specifically from Homestuck, one of Neopets and other Donkey Kong Country Returns. I figured I should try two homestuck ones since I am going with a new design on the blog.  Please let me know some ideas on the  banner above.

Also, i could use some help on the new design. Sucio mentioned it was harder to read in my previous post so I bolded the text for everything to made it more apparent. I prefer to keep the background for the post text to be transparent so the image stays in view since I hate it when designs have a background image you can't see thanks to the text background. I'd change the transparency colors... if I knew how to. I seriously just experimented with the Design tab  and looked for what seemed okay. Also, with the blog description, I found a random CSS code that was SUPPOSED to stretch the image completely but instead positioned itself where the blog description was, so I went with it as a background. :X

TL;DR? Design help. Opinions, ideas, specifics with what is wrong and how to be made right. Thanks.


Changed the layout dramatically. Tried to go with a blue hue and threw in Chrono Cross. Also found out how to do ONE transparency for the blog description background but can't do it for the post's background, because it requires me finding another code. Bleh. I hope this is better looking at least. None of my other Homestuck images really was background material without interfering with other parts of the blog so that's why the dramatic change.

Also, tried new things with banners since text over image seems to not be so great. best that came out were these two.

Probably going with the blue to match the theme, but I really like how the text came out on the red. I have no idea how i did it either. Tried to replicate it again and just couldn't in blue so tried something different.


  1. The transparency is very hard on the eyes.
    This is first comment so I don't know if they're still grey on a black background.
    Can't tell on the banners because of the stuff behind.
    that background picture is fantastic. Could you bear to crop it down to banner size?

  2. @Sucio: I need some clarification. I don't understand how you can't tell about the banners... the text in the way of the picture? text hurts your eyes due to the picture?

    As for the blog's background, do you mean perhaps make it the banner for the blog or just crop it down so it is completely seen? I also don't know what a regular banner size actually is, as mentioned in the entry...

  3. @Sucio once more: Actually, what is your browser? The code I got said it may mess with other browsers. This was done in firefox and things look fine to me. If you can spare the time, a screenshot of what you see and what the problems are might help?

  4. sucio i was just about to say that man

    tal zahn, he is referring to the opacity if your white for the post, it makes it hard to see the text, if u could encapsulate the text in the grey boxes like you have the comments. it would be much easier to see.

  5. Yea, the font's a bit hard to read. I made this image for you. I'm using Google Chrome 8.0.552.

  6. @all: Huh... I find the opacity of the white to be fine and easy to read, but I don't wish to make it hard to read for everyone else. Sucks I can't darken the opacity a little more but keeping it transparent. Solid background it is then.

    @Con Queso: Thanks for the image, good to know it looks the same on chrome as it does on firefox.

  7. Anything's better than what you have honestly, it hurts my eyes

  8. A few tips:
    -Don't use red text (your links) on a light background for anything, ever.
    -For colour combos, it's better to pick colours which complment each other, like red/yellow, blue/green etc instead of opposites (light blue/red etc)
    -Your image in the background is meant to be supplimentary to your words, so never let it get in the way of that. (Although it is a pretty cool picture)
    -Also stretching images always looks really bad. Either tile, centre, or find one that looks good right/left justified.
    -For the banners, you should make sure the text stands out. Most of them are ok, but the red text on karkat's image is hard to read. A simple border around the text (white-red, white or black would work) helps this tremendously.
    -The most important thing is to remember that people want to read the information here, and you want to make it as easy and simple as possible.

    Sorry this was a little over-zealous, but layout and design is a big thing for me. It's not hard to get a nice layout happening, and a little readability goes a long way.
    Side note, Kanaya ;_;

  9. I like the third one, but the simpler concept the better imo.
    good luck hope you figure it out.

  10. The third one is really good, isn't hard on the eyes. Just try to keep that in mind.

  11. I like the third one. Also, the red/final one is really great. Whatever you think looks best!