Monday, January 17, 2011

A blast from the past: My first DDR Tournament.

This is taken from my 15 1/2 year-old self's perspective of when I still was on livejournal. As such, there will be spelling errors, walls of text, and general overexcitement because I was a teen. Throw in some angst too, while we are at it. Only editted parts are the names of people and places.
I eneterd my first DDR Tournament today and guess what? I made third place in perfect attack! Besides that, it was ctually a quite weird day.

WOke up early unwantingly, but quickly remembered about the contest through L, or Little Butterfly as she is named (Who is on my friends list here) in her journal. I went to ask my mom about it, we went through this whole ordeal of "Its probably Free style and you don't like that," or "You had to sign up earlier didn't you?" and so on. I'm glad I didn't let i get me down, though I was VERY stressed out, I did show lots of childish frustration, such as banging my head on the wall, exasperated groans and sighs, and whining. :p I called S and got more info on the contest, and a great thanks to that, otherwise I would of had to lie more... :D Anyway, I had to tell my mom that no matter what, at the time Lord of the Rings starts, (ARound 9pm or so) I must leave earlier. I agreed to this since I thought I had no chance at all.

My sister was chosen to drive me there. We had to stop at her friend's house for some reason, I didn't care. We eventually made it to ARCADE. My sis was instructed to wait for me so I can check out if the contest is set and such. It was, gave her the ok, and thus began my little adventure. :)

I signed up, found both C (Mr. Roboto or the 20 year old one) and the other C+ with his wife (Both who are 28) there, along with L/Little Butterfly, unknowingly for awhile. Basically I had talked to Married C+ and he explained the tournament and such. It gave me an idea as what to do, but oh well. :D I then found out that a girl nearby was L by C+, and Introduced myself as [LJ name here]! :D Let's say we were both hyper in the tournament, singing all the songs nearly, talking of better music, and who has more of certain music and such. :D

Anyway, during the time I more formely met L, The ladder was set. It was Double Elimination round. I was the first to go up, and it wasn't good who I faced. I faced J, one to be known as the best (officially) in the east coast. Pressure from married C+ and L wasn't helping. :p (On a note, I only talked to Roboto C a few times) Anyway, the first round began. I shook hands with J wishing luck for both myself and her in a sense. Then the choosing began. Character chose. I was first to pick a song. I thought of something tricky and enjoyable: God of Romance. That song was now known to be my prime song to help me become tricky and andmake people think of me as strategic and crazy. In that round, I beat J. J picked Can't Stop Fallin' in Love [Speed mix]. Big mistake, I think she took me as no threat, though I thought the same. In that song, she didn't beat me by much. Then the last song was I think by audience pick. It was somthing I didn't expect, Paranoia Eternal on TRICK! I didn't know that was allowed. Oh god, I messed up on here, but nopt too badly. But I believe it gave tribute of my low perfect attack score. In the end, J beat me by 15 steps, however, there was a double elimination, and I was put in the Loser's bracket so I could face all tose who lost once, but I must keep winning, not lose anymore, or I was out. Songs and people went by, I ate two funnel cakes, and then I've been known as a tricky player.

My songs did me proud. My most valuable songs were God of romance, Sante ete ante molle te (I know wrong spelling, but S knows what that is), No Limit, Do Me, and Lupin the 3rd. The songs that did better however were God of Romance and No limit, they saved me a lot.

Through out the tournament, I was contantly bugged to call my mom, since she thought I was not in some important tournament I guess. I kept begging, using C+'s wife's cell phone as well as L's. I was able to luck out I guess though. :)

I don't want to go into detail, but withe these 5 songs, I overcame the Loser bracket, and soon made it up high. However, before my matches, the semifinlas were C (roboto) and J. I rooted for J only since she beat me, and I could say I was beaten by the best. However, she lost, and was placed on the Loser's bracket, but as the last threat before finals. I had to face her again, and I thought I was rready, but I apparently wasn't completely this time. It was 2 out of 3 match, and I lost both, but with the songs I chose, for not just the match against her, but with all my matches, I always won the song I picked. I did lose and all, but I was happy still. I came in third, and won $20,double my money back of what I spent. :)

I watched the finals between the rematch of J Vs C (Roboto). Man, that was a good match. At one point, they had tied perfects, and went by greats next. In the end, J won, I yelled out I was beaten by the best, and C took the defeat fairly humbly, saying encouraging things that I don't remember. I got my name announced in the speaker thing, picture taken for some websites (Not just me, but the top three did), and a bunch of people kept saying,"You went from nobody to somebody!" I mean, yeah, I am unknown compared to C and J, but I DOUBT I'm of any popular now than I was before! Maybe in TOWN I am, but that's all.

15 and a half year old has made it good. No one believed I was that old, they thought I was 17 or something. Not sure if that's a compliment or not, but oh well.

Made lots of friends, everyone I beat I talked to after the match and apologized for such odd songs, but they understood (at least they say they did). I loved this experience however!

At the end of the tournament, I had another funnel cake and some fries that I split with L since I used a lot of her cellphone minutes. I talked too much, played doubles and failed Stomp since I tripped, and was too tired to bother to save myself. No I didn't fall, but I couldn't summon the energy to myself. Parents came in after that, and I was forced (it was in another agreement) to watch Lord of the rings. This is why I'm typing so late.

Out of everyone to thank, it must be these people:
1) S-She told me info on the contest!
2) L-I heard the contest from her first, she let me use her cellphone, and she gave me moral support, plus a great fun evening of singing and talking of DDR! :D
3) C+ (Married)-He explained to me what the ladder matches were like, bragged about me to advanced players (It was nce of him, but I felt more embarassed then thankful... o_O), and gave me some backround on some players.
4)L+ (Married C+'s Wife)-She lent me her cellphone and her support too! :)
5) Funnel cake-This was my meal of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fries were more just extra dinner. :p
6) Family-Though very stressful and agitating, if they didn't help me, I'd not have been there.

Ok, that sounds corny, I left info out, but I'm getting tired, mom nagging to get off, time to go!
It embarrasses me some on how I typed back then, but I suppose is helped me improve upon myself today. That was a really great day though for me. Sadly a lot of drama came in the next tournament I entered though... I also don't talk to ANY of these people anymore, save one via texts on special occasions. I miss when I had such metabolism. It's a little shocking to know this was close to 10 years ago. o.o

And now I leave you with an image I recently editted.


  1. Ah, DDR. Fun times. You must have been quite the dance revolutionary back in the day to beat those people like that.

  2. Great to have a record of it. I hate carrying a camera and I've never kept a diary.

  3. I tried playing DDR when i was drinking one time. I think i fell on my face.

  4. definitely got that youthful writing style

  5. Cool blog, following you. Never could get into DDR but sounds like you had fun