Friday, January 7, 2011

Fucked up games of the past.

As I said in my last entry about friends, there were some fucked up games my cousin and I came up with. I find it odd I can remember some of these so clearly being so long ago, but I have a weird vivid memory thing going with odd events.  (I have memories of still being in diapers, and even my first nightmare)

This image is a disclaimer to the following entry as it is composed of a kid's imagination with fucked up stories.

We had a lot of bullying plotlines, which I think to be normal. We'd have one set of toys be bullies (but we both HAD to have a bully toy AND a victim/hero toy or we would bicker) and then decide certain characters be picked on. I remember our pound puppy phase where we had so many of them, and we designated this one special colored blue dogs with dalmatian spots to be a special "race" with weird powers and shit. They would often be our favorite ones to play as, and thus the group that gets picked on. One pair of members of the blue dalmatians would be the youngest and therefor be the victims of mean things while others would be the big brave older ones who would stand up to the bullies as best they could. The bullies ended up being black cat toys for some reason. I think it's because one of them was really fat, so we made her leader and other black cats would be followers (some unwillingly). We based a lot of this off TV shows and video games.

Keeping the above in mind, we then went into some creepy dark territories as well. Sometimes, the bullies would actually KILL someone, and so the other dogs would go on an adventure which would take place across the room tracking down those bullies who would lay traps and evil creatures on the way. Sometimes we creeped ourselves out a bit much because we combined horror movies/stories with our games and then we couldn't get to sleep. One time we had a motherly toy die and come back as a ghost haunting and killing the children. I don't know where it came from, but it properly freaked us out so we stopped playing and watched Nick@Nite to shake it off.

One game gained attention from my cousin's mother. To those that remember the cartoon Tiny Toons, there was a character called "Shirley the Loon" who had psychic powers. I decided to make up a story to my cousin, saying there really was a person named Shirley out there who had psychic powers and apparently lived in space and was also a duck. Furthermore, this is what the cartoon character was based off (so I told), and sometimes she would contact those who were also psychic. We then dived into trying to be psychic by mimicking the things Shirley did on Tiny Toons. eventually, we confessed to each other of having visions and such, and claimed we were small psychics, haha. We just claimed to have visions, not read people's minds or anything. We would look hard into our dreams and claim they had significance in seeing the future. We said we should never tell anyone since no one ever believes in psychics and that it would be our little secret! However, one should always know that kids can't keep secrets very well.

My cousin made the mistake of telling one of her friends the story of Shirley that we made up at a sleepover of hers. Her friend then got freaked out and told her mom who then told my cousin's mom. My aunt freaked out at the idea of her daughter seeing things and possibly hearing voices, and made her go to a psychiatrist/therapist/whatever. My cousin told her it was just game she plays, but her mom didn't really listen. She made sure to not implicate me in anyway so I wouldn't fall to the same fate. However, she did mention saying she played it with me, but never said I was one to hear voices and see things and such. I was strongly urged by my mother to go with my cousin since the therapist wanted to talk to me too. My cousin and I made sure to rehearse our story of it just being a game while telling each other it's just a lie. It was really just an overreaction to the games we played.

Another thing we did involved imaginary friends. Of course, we took our imaginary friends from things we saw. Mine were Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles since I was really into my Sega Genesis at the time with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and hers were mostly Disney things like Nala from Lion King. I don't remember her others, but she ended up having a lot of cat-related ones. These games were less fucked up than our above mentioned ones as we only implemented these when we were forced to go to a cousin's baseball or soccer game, or while in the car. One game which I think is still kind of fun is while in the car, we would imagine our friends running outside on the scenery to keep up with us. Sonic would be running along the powerlines while Nala would weave in and out of traffic, and our flying related characters (she had one; mine was Tails) would play recovery for when their path is cut short or they fall behind (aka no more connecting powerlines or at a traffic standstill).


  1. Holy shit, I just saved that picture from a friends site not even an hour ago.

  2. Damn I thought that pic was gonna say; "we ride on our enemies!" :)

  3. Reminds me of what an overactive imagination I used to have as a kid. Now as I'm getting older the only thing I have to look forward to is an overactive bladder. My, how times have changed.

  4. The picture is more than creepy :)

  5. Scary! ill be having nightmares tonight after this ;D

  6. now that's what i called evil but not bad!

  7. Eh, it's just kids being kids. Childhood was some fun times. :)

  8. >Keeping the above in mind, we then went into some creepy dark territories as well. Sometimes, the bullies would actually KILL someone, and so the other dogs would go on an adventure.

    Ahaha, oh wow! That's really creative, man. Props.

  9. haha i remember mine , good times ;)