Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An exhausting day.

Besides that we have a snow storm due in about 2 hours, my family and I are going through a freezer problem.

I went to make toast some Chocolate Chip Eggos (because that shit is so good tasting) and noticed they weren't frozen. They were a nasty, sponge-like substance. After then shaking some ice cream, I came to the brilliant conclusion of our freezer not doing its job correctly. Informed mom and we moved the meats and anything else expensive to our downstairs refrigerator/freezer unit. It's smaller, but was able to hold all the important things. The junk and stupid snack foods are riding it out and we are hoping for their survival. If not, well... some casualties were expected.

Mom came to the conclusion we needed back up, so we journeyed to Target for a portable freezing unit. We located it with ease thanks to my past Target experience. Unfortunately it was quite bulky for me to handle (and mom can't really lift), so a handtruck was required. We had one, but tired were flat. Another journey was required, this time to Home Depot! This was a pretty cut and dry fetch quest. However, mother noticed we were also not far from a bulk store that holds her favorite sorts of hot cups, and so an elective quest was taken over to that store.

My reward for these annoying and tiring quests? A glorious feast. But not just any feast! It was a SONIC'S feast. My stomach was lined with food that still lingers in my burps. Unfortunately, I ate a bit too much, and it resurfaced as heartburn as I moved the portable freezer into our seller. It was worth the effort, I suppose.

Now tomorrow, I have some snow shoveling to look forward to.


  1. Sounds like it was totally worth the effort!

  2. Sonic is pretty tasty, so that's not too bad. Fridge/freezer breakdowns are always really crappy though, sorry to hear you had to deal with that!

  3. Sonic is one of the greatest rewards one can get.

  4. Hope you enjoyed the glorious feast