Sunday, January 23, 2011

A mish-mash.

About a week or so ago, I lost my Neopets account. It was my own fault, really, having such a simplistic password. I never got around changing it since the e-mail I used for it was no longer active, and was too lazy to change my main e-mail address... I figured it'd be a lot of annoying work, though it obviously is a lot easier, and has no connection to changing my password either. What happened was someone cracked my password and changed it in the matter of minutes. I was playing a game while it happened and then when I finished, it was logged out. tried to log right back in, but no, nothing could be done. I'm not too upset about it really, as I can focus on other games I should be finishing up, just it sucks since I put a lot of work in it to get a bunch of trophies and achievements.I already filed a ticket with Neopets staff saying my account was stolen, but they never check those things and haven't heard back from them yet. I imagine the person made off with all my things already by now.

...almost! I give some shit, just not all of it!

Today, I also saw the series finale of Medium. My family and I grew to love that show thanks to my mother getting us into it, and still found it to be a great show overall. I'm a bit upset they had to end it so soon as it felt it could do with just one more season, but no other channels wished to take over it anymore. As for the final episode itself, the ending was very bittersweet, and it got to me like the finale of Lost did (meaning I teared up and was put in a bit of a mildly depressed state). I pretty much react like this whenever a series I really liked ends, books included.
I sad...

When I read the final Harry Potter book, that haunted my dreams for so long! Of course, it didn't feel like it was gone as much since movies were still coming out, though I predict I shall be feeling this way when I see the final part of the last movie this summer. I suppose this can be your extremely early heads up, heh...

This one still bothers me, but when the web series, Bonus Stage ended (and quite abruptly) I was put in another "Show over" state of depression. Not like a real depression where it becomes hard to function, but a sad feeling that there will be no more to watch. I even saved the episodes to my harddrive so I would always have them in case they went down... which unfortunately, the website for Bonus Stage did die. Someone posted them all on youtube, fortunately, but that's the only place to find them now, or someone has to give them to you. (youtube channel with the episodes here, it gets better in the later episodes as a lot of the humor was topical of the time)

Was a T-Shirt design for Bonus Stage. I never got a chance to buy it.

I get this way when I beat a really good video game with characters I enjoyed as well. Grandia II is a great example there for me, as i really enjoyed the story and characters. I don't remember it as much now, however, and probably will replay it sometime after I beat some other games for a first time.

I suppose I'm just in a nostalgic mood right now, thinking of the great episodes Medium had, and it brought back the feelings of the other completed series, games, and books I've been into. At least Medium had a somewhat proper ending, unlike shows that get canceled before answers are given. Dead Like Me was a show that suffered that traffic fate, but were given a final opportunity to make amends with fans of the show in a DVD movie that MOSTLY wrapped things up.  I suspect I'll be in my Nostalgic-depression for a short while till i can distract my thoughts with something more intriguing. It's funny, i started this entry and a general update of what's going on with me and ended up nostalgia-ing all over the place.


  1. Gives you a chance to try all the great stuff you missed.

  2. It's fun seeing people from a show you loved on another show, or re-visiting a video game from your youth just to interact with the characters again.

    It's like seeing old friends. Well, except there's none of the awkwardness of not having kept in touch.

  3. the end-of-show malaise is terrible. It's going to happen to me when Homestuck ends soon :/

  4. lol as stupid as it sounds I kinda get this way when certain athletes I love retire.

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