Monday, February 7, 2011

That was a nice week long break!

Originally was only going to be about 3 days, but then things got me busy, I got lazy, and another assortment of goodness.

The snow has been hammering my hometown something fierce. In the past, my dad used to do all the shoveling while I would help him out on occasion. Then my dad got different job involving him to take "snow duty" so it had to be me doing all the shoveling. My sister for the longest time would only help a little and then make me do the rest. After some years of me telling her to go shovel her own damn car out, she realized it would be beneficial to help. These last few years it has been always her and I shoveling. Mom cannot help because of her MS doing wacky things to her body, she can barely even help with throwing salt down. Instead, she offers to make food or hot chocolate for us (though the offer has stopped and now is upon request). Meanwhile in all these years, we have had upstairs neighbors. 95% of the time, they would never help. This year, however, our upstairs neighbor has been helping us which has made the snow shoveling a little less intimidating.

My sister took pictures of the snow before we shoveled it and sent me them. A lot of her pictures were either really bad or gave away our address/license plates/other identifiable information so I offer you only a few.
Our Porch.
If sister's phone didn't have such a bad glare, She might have been able to get a better picture. Also, blacked out neighbor's house because of address is on their fucking house.
Sister's car trapped in snow.

After we shoveled her car out. Also another look at snow pile.

Besides impending snow doom and gloom around me, I've also had a rather piss off thing happen last week. So I mentioned in a previous entry about how I lost my Neopets account thanks to someone guessing my password correctly. I was a little sad, but not entirely disappointed with that.  However, some month(s) prior to losing my account, I had entered a little contest that one of the Neopets sponsors held on the site to win some "Neocash." I figured why the hell not really. And then... I got an e-mail.

OF COURSE I WIN A CONTEST AFTER LOSING MY ACCOUNT! The good news is the douchebag that took my account won't gets his mits on the cash since it gets mailed to me. The bad news is... I have no use for it. It's weird since I was practically over losing my Neopets account and then this shit happens. What a piss off!

In other news, I finally got back into playing a BYOND game called NEStalgia which I had briefly mentioned in a past entry. A quick summation is the game and programming itself is very good! The player community... sucky. There is Open PVP, which means as soon as you hit level 10, max levels can kill you whenever the fuck they want. I'll go more into detail about that some other time. I just recommend bringing a friend with you and play during low player count times and stay quiet.

I'm back!


  1. Look at all that snow! I'm mad jelly. Though shoveling it must take a bit of work!


    That's a shame..

    Take it easy~

  2. i know how you feel about shovelling snow, i had to dig out 3 cars under 2 feet of snow. back ache is a major killer