Monday, February 14, 2011

Terribly sorry I keep disappearing for some days.

I have been getting into a bunch of different things that just makes me forget/put off posting. :o But now I shall write about said things.

First is the worst: My local arcade shut down. What really blows is I was there on the day before it closed without realizing it, and really didn't get to play much. There is one more arcade left for me to go to for my magic foot dancing games, but it is a bit further away and much more money. At my local arcade, I was given a code so I could play free games on my In The Groove Machine for a dollar; that is, 1 dollar credit had to go in in order to use the code, but as long as there was at least one credit remaining in it, I could play for free. This really fit my budget considering I have so little money.

I've been getting a little carried away with both making a guide for NEStalgia and playing the actual game. Already added links to maps and future puzzles/secret passages to some of the more pain in the ass moments of the game. Speaking of which, my partymate and I hit the max levels, thus slightly boring us. The game is technically still in demo mode so the highest level is 32 (weird number to choose). I could (and have) make new characters but for now I'm taking a little break. A general overview of the game will have to wait.

Falling asleep to Shin Chan DVDs is pretty cool! ...until they affect your dreams. Had one dream where I met up with an old friend of the past and they talked exactly like Shin. Creepy.

I'm very much into Dragon Quest mode right now. Today Dragon Quest 6 DS has come out to North America for the first time! I've already played it in Japanese but it would be nice to see the things I missed that my walkthrough didn't cover, though I heard it already covered a few critical things, such as involving a death of someone. In any case, I have my Dragon Quest 6 game coming to me from Amazon with free two day shipping, but unfortunately their idea of two days is one more than two... Estimated date delivery is this Thursday. I suppose while today is the release date, it isn't to be sold till tomorrow and thus it is accurate, but still is annoying.

I'd be this mad if not distracted by renewed interest in Dragon Quest 9
Homestuck still going on, but things definitely calmed down. It keeps my interest still, but I resumed back to reading it on weekends now. It's kind of boring when anticipating it every waking second for one frame of comic. Not healthy to let that control my life.

I haven't been job hunting like I should be. I have a few applications but they all are half-filled out. Motivation is definitely not at a premium here. It also doesn't help that I get very demotivated when my family is home. That's my own fault really. I chosen not to be around mom when she is smoking and told her that in hopes to help her realize she needs to stop or at least slow down, maybe even smoke outside like dad has been. But, she won't stop and I now cannot tolerate the stench of the second-hand smoke anymore, even with my shirt over my nose to cover it. Yes, in the past, I would sit in the living room with shirt over my nose just so I could stand to be in the same room as her. My family enjoys teasing me for it but I won't stop that. Smoking bothers me.

With my local arcade gone and best form of cardio work out, perhaps I'll take up jogging if I can get my sleep schedule back in check. Assuming the weather doesn't fuck it all up. last thing I need to to be out jogging and I slip on some ice and fall in such a hilarious way it will go viral on youtube because of some asshole bystander will just happen to be filming. My OCD-like habits have been preventing me from doing things I need to do, like shave and exercise. This is where my stubbornness really limits me.

In any case, that's what's been going on. Next entries I write will either be about a NEStalgia game overview (more like a pseudo-review as it won't be very in-depth), a dream I suddenly have with the next few days, or a stroll down memory lane. I have a memory about a snow day I would love to share as I have shared it so many times.

Oh and it's Valentine's Day. Have some Valentine's Day related art I shamelessly stolen online. :D


  1. It's sad to see arcades closing everywhere, I used to go all the time

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the unfortunate closing of your arcade. That's astounding how you had a code for free games! Best of luck with the job-hunting when you get around to it :P I've been hearing that Homestuck has taken a turn for the intense lately.

    >Had one dream where I met up with an old friend of the past and they talked exactly like Shin.

    Oh god that would be disturbing.

    >My OCD-like habits have been preventing me from doing things I need to do, like shave and exercise.

    I'm the exact same ;_;

    I lol'd at the Eegra comic. Bowser is a gentleman and a scholar.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on my feed. I'll try to find the root of the problem.

  4. Really stinks how arcades keep going out of biz

  5. Lame that the arcade is closing, but I guess now that PC and console games have come so far there's little point in them existing.