Thursday, February 24, 2011

And I disappear again...

Sorry folks, my attention span has been placed elsewhere. Mainly Dragon Quest 6. This will be another general update since a lot of shit is hitting the fan in different things.

First Dragon Quest 6 cause it's awesome. My favorite of the series, it has got me hooked something awful. The first day I got it i locked myself in my room and played all day. Second day was close to the same. Eventually I could stop playing for awhile haha. I would say it is the second hardest in the series, with the hardest version being Dragon Warrior 2 on NES (and even its remixes on SNES/GBC). For those looking into Dragon Quest, DQ6 might be a tad harder than you are used to, be aware of that, :X

Now some bad shit hitting the whirling device... my mother is having troubles with her work. After years of being approved for disability to her MS, they are suddenly not saying it is appropriate. They are now trying to make up a position for her in exchange for her signing some document to say she agrees she doesn't have a real disability and the special position would leave her to be laid off saying she is no longer needed (because it is a special position). I don't understand it completely, but she has been trying to get help from the MS communities and asking what she can do, but no one seems to know or care. It's a really depressing thing to see your mother suffer such stress in her life. All this legal mumbo jumbo is flaring up her MS symptoms more. How can a job do this? Ugh...

Makes me paranoid about where my life is going actually. I still don't have a job, and to be honest gotten lazy with sending applications out. I could be doing things for myself that I'm not. I been mainly focusing on video games instead which is just silly, but easier than dealing with my problems. :X Also funny thing, I been working on getting more traffic for my blog but not posting as much as I would like to. Kind of defeats the purpose, heh.

Eh, I think I'm done depressing you all. Bit of a short blurb of what is going on right now and why things haven't been so active here. I'll be catching up on everyone today, so look for me.


  1. lol I feel ya man. Hope it all gets better for ya.

  2. What's happening at your mom's job is not good at all. I hope she can get some help about what to do. She should not be forced to sign her rights away. I hope an agreement can be reached, so her employers are not pissed, either (they would simply stress her more on purpose if they got pissed).

    About you, you could perhaps work on a step-by-step plan which covers job application schedules or something. It should be something that is easy to follow and that you can be comfortable with following.

    If it is in a visible place, it may be a gentle reminder to yourself to do it. Perhaps if you use video game time as a prize for how many steps of the plan you complete, it would help you get focused on the job searching.

    I hope the situation gets better, and I hope you get a job that you like.

  3. I'm a bit of a procrastination champ too.

  4. I'm sorry man. I dunno what to say, that's a tough situation for your mother =(

  5. Sorry about you're mother, but what they are trying to do doesn't sound right at all. Maybe you can get a consultation with a layer for a second option on the matter.