Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Man Cave!

Figured I'd show off the room I do my work outs in and play video games in!

Here's an overview from the doorway point of view. Notice the low ceiling. This becomes a problem at times for some games and work outs I do. Also, the bag hanging there is the garbage. It's full of sweaty paper towels. I probably should have thrown that out before the picture, but OH WELL! Also, the little dog bowl there is for when Faith hangs out down there. Mainly put it there when she was going through a phase of not drinking enough water. The old chair covered in sheets is where I usually play video games from. I move it around a lot to make room for my work outs. The lawn chair is my father's desk chair, and also for if I ever have company (which, besides Sierra, is hardly anyone).
This is my sister's corner of the room. This room used to be hers before she moved out. She likes to keep some grocery-related things here cause her roommate steals things from her sometimes. I just shove anything she puts on the floor in this corner cause I don't want it taking up space. Also, in the mirror is a little bit of me, you lucky bastards!
Now the good corner of the room. The old TV is set up for the Sega Genesis, cause it looks like shit on the big screen (plus, doesn't connect well with it). I probably will play some old playstation one games on it too, perhaps. Inside the cabnent I keep Wii Accessories, such as the Zapper gun thing, and fitness related equipment inside. Also, Sonic Spinball is in there for no real reason.
Close up to look at more of my games. Some are in that old tupperware container cause i lost the boxes for some games. Got Klax, Jurassic Park, some soccer game my sister wanted, Tiny Toons: Buster's Hidden treasure, Taz Escape from Mars, Monopoly, some Pacman game, Rocket Knight Adventure, No Escape (Dad's game), Clue, Mortal Kombat 1-3 AND Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Aladdin, Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3 plus Sonic & Knuckles. Also, Tiny Toons: Acme All Stars which is a fucking great game! To the right is my Wiimote charger. Definitely great for saving money on batteries.

Over the summer, I actually beat Sonic the Hedgehogs 3 (and Knuckles) completely with all chaos emeralds on every single character. I didn't realize that Tails had a Super mode like Knuckles and Sonic did, cause I had never collected all 16 (I think 16?) emeralds between the two games. Also beat Sonic 3D Blast. Horrible game.

The less awesome corner of the wall here. The big TV is great with the Wii and for movies. The left side is cleared so my father can do bills and other boring paper work. Same with why the TV is pushed back. I can deal with it, though. Up top is an old VCR/DVD player, mainly to be used when watchign movies, but doesn't get much use and remains unplugged. Also the clock is for me to play my iPod Nano when working out sometimes. I have no idea what the deal is with the flower. Probably my sis put it there.
My collection of Wii games, and a few gamecube ones. I most often use Wii Fit Plus and EA Active 2: More Workouts. Also Smash brothers. I'm still one sticker away from getting all 700 stickers without using the golden hammers! The Sonic gamecube game is Sierra's. She figured she would bring it over so we could play Sonic spinabll at the same time; I on the genesis and she on the Wii. We never did that.
I'm really happy that my Sega Genesis held on so well over the years. It originally lost sound many years back when i pissed my dad off so much, he ripped the system out of its sockets. I found a rather cheap AV cable for it on Amazon, though, so it's back to having glorious sound! I never did completely beat Sonic Spinball... this summer. I may go back to it sometime.
The rest of the room is boring with a big tub of books I have for sale on Amazon, some cords, Dad's laundry (I have no idea why it's there), and a few closets full of dad and sis's clothes with other junk mixed in.

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