Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Olympics: Soccer 2 - USA vs Canada

Yesterday was the semi-final match between Canada and USA in women's soccer for the Olympics. It was a heart-wrenching match with the referee making questionable calls, failing to make calls, and generally making the game seem a little seedy. Also, Melissa Tancredi of Canada is a cunt.

Right now, Canada feels that the ref essentially gave the game to USA, that they were dominating USA the entire time until the ref made bad calls. As I watched the game, however, I saw two evenly matched teams blasting each other with everything they had. Canada wasn't "dominating" but they were leading the game. They were the ones that kept striking one point ahead before the USA caught up each time.

The ref did make some questionable calls, such as penalizing the Canadian goalkeeper for holding the ball too long. Apparently it was a legitimate call, but almost never one that is called. That call led to a also questionable call against Canada for a handball, which gave USA a penalty kick. It ended up being a goal that equalized the score, and causing the over time which would ultimately allow USA to score a winning goal.

Despite these calls that seemed to favor USA, there were many calls that could have been made against Canada, including red cards to eliminate some supporting players. Namely, Melissa Tancredi of Canada. She is such a bitch, hell she's a friggin' cunt on the soccer field. I saw her shove players with more force than needed, played off as an accident. I saw her stomp on the face of a USA player on the ground. There are not many people I will call a cunt, but she is one that fits the word so well!

Her first shove happened fast, I thought perhaps she couldn't slow down and the force just passed onto the USA player, but a slow down showed her arms reeling back and shoving the woman.

Not only that, there was a moment where a throw in was disputed between Tancredi and Rapinoe of the USA team. Tancredi seemed like she wanted to start something with her body language while Rapinoe cooly walking away not paying her any attention.

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I know Soccer is a physical heavy game, I played it for around 8 years when I was younger, and I have watched several World Cups and games on TV. This cunt, however, takes the cake on trying to be a bully on the field. Canada says USA players should be ashamed to win due to bad calls, but I say they should be ashamed to have such a cunt on their team.

The rest of the Canadian teams was AMAZING. Sinclair is an amazing soccer player with great precision and shook up the USA team. McLeod, Canada's goalie, read the ball well, and should be considered a strong point on their team. I'm not sure if I'd consider her as good as I see Hope Solo, but I also fancy Solo, so I will just say McLeod is not to be taken lightly.

In the end, the game's nature was created by the bad ref calls. USA deserved their win still, but Canada's team is to absolutely be commended for their amazing team, sans Tancredi. I think they deserved the silver medal, but sadly not in the cards with how the teams were positioned. I'll be rooting for USA against Japan on Thursday via my mother's phone since we have to take Faith to the vets during the game.

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