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Working Out: Week 8

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I've managed to keep the weight off since last week. It still fluctuates, but my BMI remains in the Normal zone! Keeping active and doing at least yoga every day has helped greatly!

I still use Wii Fit Plus for Yoga and aerobics with some of its strength exercises, and EA Active More Workouts for mainly the core strength exercises on the Nintendo Wii. I have recently added Just Dance 3 and 2 to add more cardio to my days. I also play Dance Dance Revolution, In The Groove, and Pump It Up at my local arcade sometimes on Mondays if my friend is heading there. Between all of them, I should hopefully be able to lose more weight. I was at 177lbs when I began this, and now am floating around 171.

I'm listing common exercises that I use. Anything that deviates from it, or isn't a set work out will be listed on days I do them. Also, except for the EA Active videos, none of the videos are mine, but found around on YouTube.

My Usual Warm Ups
The first 4 warm ups are done on my own in my room and not on Wii Fit Plus. The reason is because the Wii is in the cellar which has a low ceiling, and the first 4 Yoga poses require me to fully stretch upwards. Exercises in italics are yoga poses, and those in bold are strength exercises.
EA Active More Workouts' "Crunch & Core Easy" strength work out
Exercises in Italics are "warm up" exercises. Those in bold are "cool down" exercises. Rest are normal strength exercises unless otherwise noted.
  1. Knee Tucks
  2. Split Squats with Reaches
  3. Windmills
  4. Good Mornings - I omit it because it requires me to reach straight up, which I cannot due to cellar's low ceiling.
  5. Bent Arm Side Planks
  6. Reverse Crunches
  7. Stride Jumps
  8. Push Ups
  9. Mountain Climbers
  10. Fitness Trail - Sprint (Medium)
  11. Boxing - Combo Station 1 - Light jabs and hook shots
  12. Straight Arm Plank
  13. Crunches with Punches
  14. Skipping
  15. Bent Over Rows - Omitted because I don't like exercises that require a stretch band.
  16. Mountain Climbers
  17. Fitness Trail - Sprint (Medium)
  18. Boxing - Combo Station 2 - Light jabs and uppercuts
  19. Reverse Crunches
  20. Leg Raises
  21. Stride Jumps
  22. Push Ups
  23. Mountain Climbers
  24. Fitness Trail - Sprint (Medium)
  25. Boxing - Combo Station 1
  26. Straight Arm Plank
  27. Bent Arm Side Plank
  28. Pretzels
  29. Heel Drops
  30. Figure 4's
  31. Sideway Ankle Pulls
 August 28 - Tuesday (Strength)
Today I had a late workout because I was applying for a job at a warehouse in person. One thing to note, if I do get this job, it'll likely take over for a bulk of my work outs during the week. We'll see if that comes up, however.

I started with my usual warm ups plus the Dance pose. Today, my dance pose was rather off. I felt rather tired after going to the warehouse today, so perhaps that contributed to my poor pose? I then went into the EA Active's Crunch and Core exercises.

This time around, I decided to force myself to take breaks only on each tenth minute. It surprisingly wasn't too difficult! Push Ups and Mountain Climbers have gotten easier ever since I discovered shoes were better to work out in than socked feet. Same with the fitness trail sprint; I don't get as winded. i think the hardest for me now is doing Leg Raises right after doing Reverse Crunches. I haven't been cheating with the leg raises like I used to by turning them into JackKnives, but they still take a toll on me.

One thing I started not liking about this set of exercises is that the bent arm side plank, or any exercise where you have to lean on your elbow, is always slightly uncomfortable for my elbow. Wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or should try modifying my poses for those exercises.

Afterwards, I was planning on doing a few songs on Just Dance 3, but by the time I was done, it was dinner time. Perhaps I'll just make up for it tomorrow.

August 29 - Wednesday (Aerobics)
Today, I woke up feeling very lazy. Not sure if it's cause I get interrupted sleep or just really sore. I delayed doing any workouts until around 5pm.

Started with my usual warm ups, plus the dance pose. I was kind of shaky on the dance pose today as well, but I'll blame it on the lazyness. After I got warmed up, I did feel a bit more motivated.

As usual, started with 10 minute Super Hoola Hoops. I had some trouble again when spinning to get the board to recognize my movements. I think it's because when I spin right, I don't really bend my knees much which makes the movement really stiff. Spinning left, I decided to let my knees bend and spin along with me. it seemed to help with the pain in the ankles a bit, but I did get a lower amount of spin this time (around 3200, when on my best days, I do 3400s).

Next was Rhythm Boxing on 10 minute expert mode. I did pretty good with this, messed up footing only a few times. The nunchuk's sensor really started acting up though, thinking I punched faster than I did. Freaking sensitive thing. Scored 1168 this time.

I needed a break and something different, so I played Birdeye Bullseye Expert (10:22). Although I was flying decently today, I was slightly missing the bullseyes, so I decided to explore around the place more to see if there were more targets. scored only a 190, but that's okay, I had fun with it.

Then I picked it up with a 20 minute Free Run.I did rather well with this, running to the beat of my music and concentrating on breathing evenly. On the last minute, I stepped up my pace so I could pass the starting/finish line a second time. Although a bit sore afterwards, was happy I can do 20 minute runs with little problem!

After that, I took a small 10 minute (or so) break to recuperate a little, and to find out when dinner was. Turns out I had some time, so I played about 5 songs of Just Dance 3. Nearly 5 starred California Girls. Still having trouble getting Lollipop's moves down, but still find the song catchy enough to keep playing, haha.

Tomorrow is my wild card day. Most likely will be spent on Just Dance 3/2, but I may also just take a break... Haven't had one of those days in awhile. Course, I'll still do my Yoga, and maybe even walk the dog, but we'll see.

August 30 - Thursday (Wild Card Day)
So, today started me off slightly lazy, but for good reason. I had an interview for the Fed Ex job early in the day. I did have to wait outside for a bit though, and being out in the sun, for whatever reason, tires me out rather quickly.

Late in the day, I did my usual work outs and about 5-6 songs on Just Dance. There was nothing too special about it this time.

August 31 - Friday (Strength)
Today really felt like a Saturday. I ended up not exercising until late in the day. Did my usual warm ups plus dance pose, then did some strength exercises on Wii Fit Plus.

Started with 30 reps of JackKnives, 6 reps (each side) of Torso Twists and then 20 reps of Arm & Leg Lifts. I really felt the Jackknives, scored well on Torso Twists, though the burn was so-so... And as always, Arm and Leg lift had me sweating a lot. I also felt it in my... well... arms and legs!

The next set of exercises was a little more strenuous. Did 20 reps of Lunges, 20 reps of Side Lunges, and then did 10 reps of Push Ups and about 30 seconds of Straight Arm Planks on my own. I did all this in sneakers, to see if that would help some, and I suppose it did... The Lunges really set my legs on fire when I'm done, I suppose it's something I may want to consider doing a little more. Side Lunges, I can't complain much. I imagine I am supposed to spread my legs a little more to really feel the burn, but I feel some burn doing a more comfortable leg spread.

Doing push ups on my own, I may have dropped my hips or had them up too high at some points. I was still tired from lunges, but wanted to makes sure I was still working out within 10 minutes before resting.The Straight Arm Plank I did was absolutely a fast count to 30 seconds. Maybe I just had a lack of energy today?

Next set was 20 reps of Single Leg Twists, 30 reps of Jack Knives again, 20 reps of Sideways Leg Lifts, then finished it of with a nice, long Birdeye Bullseye Expert (10:22). The Single Leg twists were hard on me, struggling to stay balanced. JackKnives were mostly fine with a good burn. Sideways Leg Lifts were very hard to keep my balanced on, probably due to fatigue or just general offness of today. The Birdeye Bullseye was a little off too. Every now and then I could land very well on targets. Maybe I was sluggish and just leaning on the balance board a little too much? I stilled scored a respectable 257.

I was going to do either Free Step or Just Dance, but I just didn't have the motivation for today. Either today was just me not really in the mood for working out, or maybe it was because I started the exercises at a later time that messed me up. In any case, today was just not the best of work out days.

September 1 - Saturday (Aerobics)
Today ended up being my day off. I just felt really sluggish and unmotivated. I started to do a few Yoga poses and just couldn't finish. I did weigh myself, though, where I didn't change weight from yesterday, so that's not too bad. Waking up late really unmotivates me, though.

But yeah, I'll do aerobics tomorrow.

September 2 - Sunday (Aerobics)
Today was much better. I woke up earlier so I could get some laziness out of the way pretty quickly. Did my usual warm ups along with Dance pose. I pretty much have included it into my usual warm ups now, and will be in the list in next week's work out post.

After those I went straight into the usual Aerobics I do; Super Hoola Hoops for 10 minutes (had an easier time with the spinning today), Rhythm Boxing on Expert (New high score: 1326), Birdeye Bulldeye Expert for slight breather (scored 330), and a Free Run of 20 minutes.

The Free run, however, started off badly, as while I was do a slow, warming up jog in the beginning, the back of my right knee felt like the muscle was stuck on something. I tried to go on, seeing if it was just slightly stiff but pop back in all right, but it was starting to hurt. I paused the run and did some stretches; mainly reaching for my toes from standing position, then sitting position, a few small squats, and kneeling then bending backwards slowly. After about... 5 minutes of said stretching, my knee felt fine and i did my run all right.

Afterwards, I took a break to eat a little bit of food and... well take a break! Got back to it about 45 minutes later, and played Just Dance 3 for about an hour. I've gotten really good at Dynamite, granted it's not too hard to do. I've practically memorized the moves to it now, just need to get the wiimote's timing more with the game. But, I don't expect any miracles, you could be doing the dance perfectly and the timing will be slightly off.

Also in the "nearly memorized" group is California Girls. I generally did better in a lot of songs today, really. 4 starred This is Halloween too! I know I'm not the best or anything, but it's fun to see improvement! Just Dance definitely helps make you sweat and keeps you motivated to keep playing!

September 3 - Monday (Wild Card Day)
 Today was Labor day so had no worries of being called up for the job I may or may not have. Did my usual warm ups and Dance pose. My friend told me he's heading to the arcade for quarter night again, so I did that for my work out today.

Played 2 games of Pump It Up, and about 4 or 5 games of In The Groove doubles. Doing better on getting perfects and what not, but wondering if perhaps I need to update my shoes; been using this old pair of sneakers for DDR/ITG for a little over 10 years! Yeah, I don't change shoes much. They still are in decent condition, just may be a little misshapen or less comfortable than what could be. They fit really well, which makes it easier for me to move around though.

One doubles song I cannot seem to do is called Kimono Princess, where if you don't want to trip over your legs, you seem to have to turn away from the screen in order to do it. I been failing it a lot, but getting closer to the end of it. I gotta find either a work around or learn to turn away from the screen without messing up.

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