Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic 2012 Soccer Game Finals

 Saw some great soccer finals this week, with women's tournament having a Japan vs USA gold match, and men's tournament with Brazil vs Mexico.

In women's, the Japan vs USA match was not a bad game at all, but wasn't as exciting as the Canada vs USA game. There were some calls that should have been made against USA, but they didn't look too serious. Japan seemed to only have half of its team really motivated to win, though. There were also some great moves, such as Tobin Heath with amazing ball control to get it away from Japan.

I actually made this one, so sorry for bad quality.
 Japan did get a well deserved score against USA; defenders saved it once, tied to kick it out but Japan got us beat.

Although I'm glad USA won, if we were beaten by Japan, I wouldn't have minded so much. Japan's women's team is amazing! They did better than their men's team, getting a silver medal over not placing! I heard that while the men's team arrived in firstclass on a plane, the women's team had to fly coach when arriving for the Olympics. Ridiculous when you consider Japan's Men's team never won a world cup, but the women did! Hopefully the way home had a comfortable arrangement for the women this time. :)

As for Men's Brazil vs Mexico final, I think the match was pretty good between the two. I stopped liking Brazil for a long time now, and Princess Neymar with his little diving everywhere certainly didn't help it!

There is one guy on the Brazil team that is to be admired, and that would be Hulk. No, not the comic book hero, there is a man named Hulk (Givanildo Vieira de Souza) on the Brazil team who is a good soccer player and is not a diving pussy like Neymar (at least from what i could tell in Mexico Vs Brazil game). He is a huge dude that doesn't use his large body as a weapon, but more as a defensive mechanic. He could have easily knocked around 3 Mexico players at once with it looking like an accident, but he seemed to be the gentle giant. As it is, he was also the one who scored the only goal, despite him usually being a support player on the team!

Mexico still beat them, though there were quite a few near misses. Peralta of Mexico scored the first goal, before the first minute of game time! Poor Fabiano of Mexico had two near goals, including this impressive one!

Brazil almost got an equalizer goal later too, but the header went too high or was to the right of the goal. That would have changed the whole game! There was also a time where two Brazil players got in an argument on the field cause one fouled a Mexican player near their goal. Couldn't find a clip of that, but shocked me a little! One of the two ended up getting subbed out, whether it was for the argument or maybe because the coach saw he was tired, I don't know.At the end of the game, the players traded shirts with each other, I think it's supposed to be a show of respect for one another. I envy whoever got Hulk's shirt, cause he's the only one's shirt I'd want on that team. Besides him, someone of course traded with Neymar. Even if he is a little priss and actor, he still is a famous and good player.

I was glad for Mexico's win though! Not only because I dislike Brazil (except Hulk) but also North American pride! I'd root for Canada just the same! It's amazing both Olympic soccer/football games were won in gold for North America! I'm exceptionally pleased that the Women's medal winners were to what I wanted as well; USA Gold, Japan Silver, Canada Bronze! Men's ended as Mexico Gold, Brazil Silver, and surprisingly South Korea Bronze! I wish South Korea had a better showing against Brazil, and that Japan had a better showing against South Korea, but the better teams have won.

Also, even thought it is wrong, I laughed when I saw Neymar pouting at his loss after Mexico/Brazil match ended. :P

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