Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday post!

Sorry for not posting much lately, I been essentially working on my guide or just generally playing NEStalgia, as well as a few other things keeping me busy. But today is my birthday I have a few plans for today!

First, my best friend might come over and just chill with me. She hasn't said it, but hinted at it very hard.
Second, two of my cousins are taking my out for an awesome pancake dinner at their church. the church part doesn't particularly thrill me, but it's just a dinner. I can survive that. Besides... pancakes!

As for what has been going on, well... My sister was kind enough to take a day and a half off from her job to help organize the mess that is my life. She was going to help me with the summer college class fiasco, help me get my car inspected, and help me apply to jobs. I was applying slowly on my own, but to be honest, I was not very motivated. I was trying to ask some of my unemployed friends if they'd want to come with me and look for jobs together, but they didn't care to which made me apathetic to my own problem.

In any case, we were about to go to the college when I decided to check my grades. I needed to be sure the stupid incorrect F was still there and was planning to print it out as reference. After logging in, and looking at it... It finally fucking changed! After nearly HALF A YEAR, the grade was finally changed to its correct value: B. I now can officially say I will be a college graduate in May. :)

In slightly less great, but still good news, my car actually passed inspection! I can drive without worry of ticket, and now I will park in front of the bitch of a neighbor who insisted on calling the police because a car with an expired inspection ticket was NEAR her house. Since we live on a public street I was actually fined too... But now I may have a small bit of revenge. She doesn't like people parking in front of her house, so my friends and family have been purposefully parking in front of her house. Now I can join in on that.

Also, I finally got new glasses. I had my old ones for... almost 9 years! Over that 9 years, they had been sat on and dropped countless times, gotten loose with lenses falling out even more, and because of all the wear and tear, the arms of it were lopsided! When I wore them, they would be crooked and I looked like a mad scientist that just failed an experiment.

Sort of like that, though this is a really cheesy picture.
Heh, I just had pizza for breakfast. I guess I can say I had Dinner for breakfast, and having breakfast for dinner today. :P


  1. Happy birthday, man.

    Here is your birthday present:

    Pancakes! Yummy!

  2. There are so many awesome things with that picture, Cesar! 4 of my favorite characters are in there, 3 different flying methods of Dragon quest are in there (Be even funnier to have something like Melvin falling out of the flying skull from 7, haha), the creepy smiling sun dudes just make it all more hilariously awesome! Thanks for the dedication and sharing that with me. :)

  3. So glad you liked it.

    That Melvin idea is awesome. It might merit a pic all of its own (I wish I had more time to draw, sniff). However, this is a Dragon Quest VI picture (ignore Ponyo for a minute), and the only reason the sisters from IV and the kids from V are there is because they actually appeared in the original SFC game.

    This being a dream, I had freedom to add anything I wanted (like monsters from any game, Gome from The Adventure of Dai, and Ponyo from Ponyo). But I wanted to reference the fact those 5 charas were there even before all the rest were added to the remake.

    I hope you liked the stone-cycle I added for Golem (stolen from the rock biter from the Neverending Story) and the "hidden" Kakurenbou (Kagebou) from Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (the Watabou-look-alike with the sleeping hat).

    I will later post the pic at the Den (after I blog about it... blogging in French takes way longer for me, LOL). But you get first explanations here (there may not be explanations there, actually; if they do not find things, poor them, heheheh).

  4. Happy Belated Birthday. Glad all seems to be working out for you. Good luck with the job hunting.