Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blast from the past once more: A Snow day

This is a story I tell time and time again to my friends. I've even created it into a mini-play for when I took a scriptwriting class. It is one of my more favorable childhood memories.

It was winter time and my cousins were over. It was either a snow day from school or just on break at the time. We were all outside on my front yard, my sister and our oldest cousin K (girl) were chatting it up, I was trying to make an igloo with my cousin O (I mentioned her a few times in entries), and the twins (boys) were throwing snowballs. I was about 8, which makes the twins 7, O would be 9, my sister 11, and K would be 12. We had to take my dog out which is why we were there in the first place. He was a puppy at this time.

My dog kept trying to bring his tennis ball out, but we had to take it away because we did not want it to get lost. He started whimpering, and went after one of the snowballs the twins were tossing, and a new game was made! We all started tossing snowballs in the air so he could try to catch them. A few missed but he was okay with that. Mom called from the house hat some hot chocolate was ready. We all started to go in but my sister said someone has to stay out since our dog didn't do his business yet. She of course appointed me, and went inside with K and the twins. O stayed with me though, and we continued playing the snowball toss game.

Then came A. He was a kid and neighbor across the street, 11 like my sister. He saw us playing with my dog and asked what we were doing. After we explained the idea of it he asked if he could try. I saw no problem with it and said sure. A made a snowball and tossed it up, but the dog missed it, and got a faceful of snow. He let out a small whimper, which had A starting to laugh. he then proceeded to pelt my dog with snowballs instead of tossing them up. O and I yelled at him to stop, but he wouldn't listen, so i ran forward to get him to stop and ended up with a snowball in my face. A went back home laughing, my dog ran to the door shivering and whining, and O ran to me asking if I was all right.

Then I entered rage mode, so to speak. No one does that to my dog! I started to head to A's house, but O stopped me, reminding me that we weren't allowed to cross the street without my sister or K around. I shook her off, screaming I don't care and ran across the street after him. O let my dog in, quickly mentioned to Jess and the others what I was doing and then ran after me.

A was in his backyard doing something with the snow. I just ran up to him and pushed him down. He cursed, and pushed me back, and we had a shoving war, with him winning, being bigger than me. O came a moment later and nailed him with some snow, and helped me up. She started yelling and screaming at him and trying to shove/scratch/bite/everything to him and I punched him futilely. I really couldn't hurt him, i was never very strong when i was a kid. He managed to grab O by her hair and knock me in the face full of snow. We were both crying and fighting him at the same time, so upset in general. Then came my sister.

She managed to get O away from A and was trying to break up the fight A and I were in, but we both kind of shoved her off. I managed to get a good push on A and he hit his head on his metal fencing in his backyard. He got super pissed, grabbed some toy to use like a club and charged us. My sister threw O and I behind her and grabbed onto the toy to stop him. She managed to wrestle it out of his hands and threw it over the fence. Still pissed, A went after us again, but then came K and the twins.

The twins threw snowballs which slowed him down some to get my sister drag O and I away (which we both struggled to attack A still). Still unrelenting, A tried to charge after us still, but K then made a snowball and smacked it right into his face. Defeated, he went back inside his house, probably told on us, but nothing ever came of it.

My sister and K then proceeded to scold us for crossing the street without them, fighting with A, and anything else they could think of. After I told sis what he did to our dog though, she lightened up some.

Even though it seems kind of wrong to like a memory of a whole gang of kids beating on one asshat of a kid, I liked it because my cousins and I came together and helped one another (like we should).


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