Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long time no see!

I know I haven't been very active. To be honest, not much exciting is happening here. I mainly been playing NEStalgia. Here have a list-update:

-Still into Homestuck. Shit keeps getting real.
-Got a Nintendo 3DS. There's something awesome about having a dragon pop out of your bed.
-No job still; no word back on my applications.
-Probably mentioned this but I will be graduating sometime in May.

That's it. Nothing too fascinating which keeps me demotivated from updating to be honest. I do have a new update for the NEStalgia guide now that a new expansion has come. I been delaying uploading maps since things are bound to change and all. No new secret passasges as of yet, but will continue searching.

I gotta thank all the traffic coming to my blog though, a lot of people been searching here and linking to me. :)


  1. >There's something awesome about having a dragon pop out of your bed.

    The horror. The horror.

    >I will be graduating sometime in May.

    The end is in sight. Congratulations :3

  2. I hope you get called for a job soon.

    Or ask S. to go with you for another job application tour.

    I remember getting the first job out of college took some time for me and my friends, too. Things will look brighter soon.


  3. I played my friends 3ds on monday, I flipped out when the dragon popped out of his desk. I know it will kill my eye sight further but now I need to get one.