Friday, September 20, 2013

Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick - Maps Section

The Dragon Quest: Shadows of Erdrick Guide is being split into different posts to help with navigating and load times. To go back to main guide, click here.

For the maps, you may want to click them in order to get more details as they are quite large. In fact, I highly recommend opening them in new tabs/windows for ease without having to hit the back button and get all these images loading on you at once again.

Evil World Map

Runweld Basement
Floor 1
Floor 2 

Thenton Tower And Basement
 Floor 1

Floor 2

 Floor 3

Floor 4

Floor 5 + 6

Basement Floor 1

Basement Floor 2

Smack's Cave
Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3
Floor 4
Floor 5


Agotrop Cave
Spots not mapped are unimportant that contain dead ends or paths no longer being used. Should that change, so will the maps.

Lava Cave
Thanks to Brangn for mapping these.
Floor 1

Floor 2

Hillock Farm
The black spaces are a part of the farm that is unable to be gotten to. I didn't see much point in attempting to map those areas considering they are not even a concern.
 Some farming tips:
-A plot of land = one area of grass
-Each plot of land has one active spot on it that you can dig up items on. The rest of the plot is usually garbage,
-Some plots of land "share" their digging hotspot, so occasionally you won't find the hot spot after scouring the whole land. This is mostly uncommon however.
-As such, usually the smaller the plot of land, the better rate of drops you'll get. However, a lot of small plots share their hotspots with others, so do some experimenting.
-After you dig up an item, the hotspot gets randomized again. Sometimes even in the same spot so check that too!
-A way to tell if you got a hotspot is when you fail to get the message, "but you find nothing." However, that sometimes pops up even when it is the hotspot. I recommend digging in one spot three times. If you get the, "but you find nothing" message three times, move onto the next.
-To speed up digging, I recommend moving your shovel to the top of your inventory. Less movement = less tediousness.
-Also recommended is to unequip overalls once you found your plot of land you want to hunker down on. You can only do this by equipping another set of armor when in battle. When you don't have your armor on in the farm, you cannot walk off/onto grasslands (depending where you were when you took off the overalls or left the party of someone who had overalls). This helps you some so you don't accidentally walk off the plot while trying to dig fast.
-If you are good with BYOND macros, I heard you are able to make a hotkey to make digging easier. However, if suspected of botting with the function, you will be booted, possibly banned.

Sky Tower
 First Floor
  Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor

Sixth Floor

Seventh Floor

Eighth Floor

Ninth Floor

Top Floor

The Dig

First Cave
Second Cave
First Area

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