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Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick - Quest Info

The guide has been split up to lessen load times and be a little more organized.

-- Pet Staff Quest
-- Shadow Medallion Quest
-- Boat Quest Part 1/Yaston Shard
-- Wells Fargo Quest/Boat Quest Part 2
-- Pet Staff Quest 2: First Upgrade!
-- Bards Notes, Compass and Boat Quest 3
-- Iron Safe/Leaf of World Tree Quest
-- Armor Gilder Quest
-- Liquor-Maker Quest
-- Cloak of Wind and Beacom Quest
-- Boat Quest 4: The Final Two Items
-- Cave of Trials (Floor Key + Statue Pattern ONLY)


Standard Key-Runweld Basement Quest
 In Runweld, there's this armored man who took the liking to blocking people! To get him out of the way and earn a standard key, we must go through a bunch of talking sequences. After talking to the guard, head over to the right to talk to a cooking wench.

Next we head to Yaston!

Can't get in where we need to! Need to talk to... THIS GUY!

 After this, we have a little chat with a Captain!

A second chat with him reveals we can now pass by those guards that gave us trouble. Once past them, head west for the prison and chat with this guy.

Now we head back to Runweld and talk to the guy blocking the way again. This time he's a little more talkative.

After he lets you pass, you must "talk" to the statue. You get the message above in your chat then head back to the guard.

Back to Yaston to talk to this lady.

...And back to the guard.

And one last time back to the lady.

KEY GET! Now you can go back to Runweld where the guard was guarding, inspect some bushes and have access to the basement. Just know that the monsters can be tough, but it's a good place to level from 10-30s or so.

Pet Staff Quest

1. In Runweld, go into the larger gray building. You'll find a room similar to above. talk to the man, he is looking for An Erdrickian tablet. One just so happens to be in the cave to left outside town!

2. Go to the cave and go north through the doors (you'll see them as you enter the cave a little). Find your way to the chest shown in picture 2 and bring them back to the man in picture 1.

3. Man will give you the pet staff! With it, you can capture some monsters in battle by using it in battle and selecting a monster. Some monsters won't be catchable until you upgrade the staff, and some monsters won't be catchable at all! For now, some recommended monsters you can catch are:

-Sizarmage located in the first floor on Thenton Tower (Casts Blazemore)
-Eyegazer in Runweld Basement lower levels (Gazes at enemies that sometimes makes them lose a turn. Works on bosses!)
-Avenger Raven far east from Yaston (Attacks twice)
-Swamp Thug in Katon; only obtainable when you or a partymember that is leading is in the middle of a quest he is involved for (Mainly a tank, attacks decently)

Note that some of these areas I mentioned might be difficult depending your level, so if you think you might die, use the bank in Yaston before proceeding to head to these areas. Also there are other pets around that can be useful too, and the pet staff doesn't fill up either. Just, the menu may get crowded if you pet everything. :P

Shadow Medallion Quest

1. Head to Evil World's town, D'taka, and talk to the old man by the well. He'll give you evil poison water, and tell you to infect someone's water source.

2. Go to Yaston (Neutral World) and go to their well. Use the Poisoned Fairy water on the well. Sometimes, the well is already poisoned from other players. You can check on the status of the well by talking to the woman at the well. If she goes on about it having the sweetest well water, poison away! If it's poisoned, you may need to get the Blue Fairy Water (or ask a player to do so). For reference, the Blue Fairy Water is on the top of Thenton Tower where players need to jump off; the water is on a tile next to the stairs, just search/hit center when standing on it.

3. After Poisoning the well, head back to D'Taka and talk to the old man. he'll tell you great job for being an asshole, and then direct you to bring the now empty bottle to the mystic. The Mystic is located down the stairs north of the man. Follow the corridor down to another set of steps (passing an NPC that sells monk weapons), and in the gray house. 

The Mystic will often change forms and rearrange the house, so if you see an NPC different then from the one above, no worries, and if you get stuck in the house, just relog. The mystic will tell you to get 2 red slime skins, 2 slime skins (blue), and 2 green slime skins.

-Blue slimes can be found just outside Runweld in Neutral World.
-Red slimes can be found outside D'Taka in Evil World
-Green slimes can be found in the upper levels of Thenton Tower AND in Runweld basement's lower levels.

You also can buy these skins in AvLynyss's Item shop (located in Good World), but they cost 7500 gold EACH. You probably could just ask some players to see if they may sell them to you cheaper (or the more generous may give to you for free).

4. After you gather all the skins and return them to the Mystic, s/he will give you the Shadow Medallion. What that does is when equipped, your attack power will increase! Originally it was 15% but apparently can give 50% now. In the past, it was also only for Pilgrims, Wizards, Goofs, and Sages, but an update at the time of this post was made so all classes could wear. There's an upgrade of this medallion in the Sky Tower as well.

Boat Quest Part 1/Yaston Shard

Some of this will be repeating from the Runweld Guard quest.

1. Go to Yaston and talk to this bard guy, who mentions boats to you. He says if you bring him a compass, he'll let you know where you can get a boat.

2. Head to the Captain, located on the west side of Yaston's town and talk to this man. He will offer free nautical lessons if you retrieve his logs from a man named Mhuk. He hands you a letter, tells you to go find Mhuk. You can now enter south Yaston past the guards.

2.5 You may want to deposit gold at this point, as unless you came from good world, this is probably your first bank stop ever! Also, using this bank to deposit/withdraw things is needed for a later quest.

3. You will need to rent a raft in order to get to Mhuk (and other places you might want to visit, such as the king, queen and princess!). You can rent a raft from the fellow in the upper left corner in picture 3. You also might be able to get a ride from a friend who already owns a boat (which I did). Mhuk is located in the pub, the blue man in lower right corner of picture 3. It looks like he is inaccessible, but stand below the wall that I marked with a yellow square and hit center, it opens like a door! Make sure the letter to Mhuk is still in your inventory and talk to him. He will throw a hissy fit, refusing to return the logs unless the Captain give him a translation of the logs.

4. Head back to the captain (picture 2), who mentions the decoder is in the swamp behind his old house. Where's his house? In Katon!

5. Head to Katon and you'll find the swamp here. The logs are located where the yellow square is but... You have to fight for it! A swamp thug will appear when you go on that square, so be prepared! (make sure in your party, someone on this quest is in the lead  or else he will not appear!) You may want to be in a party for this or be at a decently high level (with a party, i killed it at 15-20s, but that's not necessarily the required level). Upon defeat, swamp thug will drop the decoder.

You may want to try to capture swamp thug if you have the pet staff. He is not required, but isn't a bad pet; attacks decently and survives well.

6. Return to Mhuk (guy in pub). Before talking to him, be sure to have room for two items! He will end up giving you a shard (required for a MUCH LATER quest) and the cap'n's logs. Deposit the shard at the bank for now, as you won't need it for awhile. 

7. Return the logs to the captain, who in turn will give you the rusty old compass, AND offer you a free nautical lesson!

8. Return to the first guy (Picture 1) and give him the rusty old compass. He mentions he might need some lessons to sail his boat, but he bought his boat in a town north of Thenton (Neutral World). Talk to him again to learn he will be joining you to take the nautical lessons from the Captain.

9. Talk to the captain, and he teaches you his first lesson. In order to sail a boat, you need 5 things:
-A compass (like the one you just gave your bard friend)
-A sextant
-A telescope
-Sailor Logs
-A boat (duh!)

10. Go back to your bard friend who says all that sounds too hard and gives up on sailing. He says he will give you the compass, but wants some sheets of music in return. this will be covered in another quest.

Wells Fargo Quest/Boat Quest Part 2
If you do not have access past the guards, you may want to complete Boat Quest Part 1/Yaston Shard first.

 1. Start off by renting a boat or hitching a ride on someone's boat to the King and Queen of Yaston. talk to the King and Queen (and anybody else around there you feel like talking to). The king mentions a band of thieves that ruined this town, so he asks you to stop them! The queen says the band troupe is known as Wells Fargo and has taken a toll on the King. 

2. Go down the stairs above the thrones to find the Princess's room! Have a chat with her, and says she may have an errand for you to run if you make her mother happy! Back to the queen!

3. After you spoke with the princess, the queen changes her tune, and hands you a note, instructing you to read it later. Just read it now! In the chatbox, the queen's note mentions how the king has dramatically changed. The Queen believes the Wells Fargo group has put a spell on the king or poisoned him to make him acts so bad, and wants you to investigate into this! She wants you start by meeting her agent in Ranva, who should be at the Inn. If you don't know where Ranva is, check the maps section of the site I provided way above.

If the queen does not hand you a note, but instead tells you to investigate the bank, that means you need to make a deposit/withdrawal at the Yaston Bank first, and then talk to her.

4. Upon arriving in Ranva you may notice it is kind of... destroyed! Head inside the inn, which should pretty much be straight in front of you. Head to the tile I marked with a yellow square (picture 3); this is important for the game to recognize that the town is destroyed and the queen's agent isn't here.

Note that Ranva does not have a return spot, so you may want to go to Manarch (castle next door) just so you have a spot to return to later, not to mention it is rather important to this quest!

5. Head back to Yaston and talk to the queen. She'll be devastated. (have to devastate her in order to continue :P )

6. Head back to Manarch and talk to the old man in the northwest corner of the Inn (picture 4), who mentions how grateful he was the King of Manarch had taken in the survivors of Ranva.

7. Sail back AGAIN to the Queen of Yaston to let her know. Her hope is restored a little and requests you to find her agent. She describes the guy as always burying his head in a book.

8. Back to Manarch, you'll find a purple guy next to a bunch of bookcases. Make sure you have the queen's letter with you and chat with him. He informs you that he thinks the bankers at Manarch might be the same scammers from Yaston. He tells you to wait by the bank and listen in on the bankers.

9. Head to the bank and go to the tile I marked with a yellow square (Picture 5). If in a party, know that only the leader will get this, so just take separate turns. From here, you need to sit still for roughly 1-5 minutes without moving, chatting, or fiddling with the menus. I recommend taking a bathroom break, grab a snack, some water, or whatever. Whenever you return, a message box should pop up with the banker's conversation, where they brag about their scam and mention that a member of Wells Fargo killed the real king of Yaston and has been playing as him all along.

A boss fight will be coming up, so before you do the next step, I recommend gathering a party or level up some before continuing. There is a small window where people can join you if you already skipped ahead, but it's easier to just gather the party now than later.

10. Head back to purple guy in library and tell him what he heard. He flips his shit, accuses you of being corrupted by the evil bankers and summons guards to take you away! You get warped to Yaston in front of the King and Queen, where the guards accuse you of Treason. Your character speaks up to the queen, king sentences you to death, queen halts it, blah blah blah, you land in prison.

11. At the prison, you will notice there's a crack in the wall (also marked with a red square in picture 1). It opens like a door does, so do that and follow the path down till you see a man. Talk to him and he explains he's the real king, survived because the servant in the prison is deaf and didn't hear the orders not to feed him, they think he's dead, blah blah blah. After done talking with him, chat once more and then head back to your cell. The queen should be waiting for you. make sure your party is at full health by now!

12. Talk to her, then the real king comes barging in, they have a "omg you/I'm alive" moment, then take you to confront the impostor king for BOSS TIME! He mainly is physical, but i think he may have a blaze spell, not sure. If you die, you can always retry by going back to the spy in Manarch I believe... Or talking to the king if that fails to work. After defeating the troupe leader, The king makes him tell us where his group is supposed to meet up, and then sends you there; Behind the Yaston Pub (above our old friend, Mhuk)!

You may note that you are kind of stranded at the king and queen's little island there. If you don't have a wing of wyvern or the return spell, just relog and you'll be sent to the entrance of Yaston.

13. Sail over to behind the pub (picture 2), and speak to the group (the guy below the carriage pushes things forward, the others just make comments). The group tries to run, but guards from nowhere apprehend them.

14. Sail back to the king, who rewards you with 10,000 gold! he then advises you to go back to the carriage the thieves left behind and see if they have some of Manarch's possessions. Then recommends returning them to the king as he is sure to give you some sort of reward!

15. Sail back to above the pub, and "talk" to the carriage (press center when facing it). You'll receive the Crate of Stolen Goods. Return to Manarch!

16. Head back to Manarch and talk to the king. (picture 3) He gives you the golden sextant, one of the items needed for a boat! if you talk to him again, he'll send you on another quest, but that will be covered in a separate area. This quest is now complete!

Pet Staff Quest 2: First Upgrade!
Previous Quest required: Pet Staff Quest

1. Go to this lady (Picture 1) in Phoenix Knights castle (Neutral world, located above Manarch). She will talk about upgrading your pet staff and how it's in a forest valley.

2. Head to Runweld Cave. Go left (passing the double doors where you went to get tablet for pet staff in first place) and then north. Follow the path until you exit outside in an area that looks like picture 2. The little patch of grass to the left is a balloon station that can take you to good world, but isn't what concerns us in this quest.

3. Head as far right as you can until you come across the scene in picture 3. The tablet to upgrade your staff is located right where I marked a red square.

4. Return to Phoenix Knights and talk to the lady in picture 1. She'll take the tablet and upgrade your staff. You now can catch slightly better pets! Some recommendations include:
-Spectet located somewhere below Warlocks in Thenton Tower (Gaze at an enemy in hopes of losing a turn; GREAT for boss monsters!)
-Ozwargs located in the higher floors of Thenton Tower (Cast Blazemore and have good health compared to other caster pets)
-Warlocks located in levels just one below Ozwargs in Thenton Tower (Slightly less health than Ozwarg, but casts fireball and blazemore)
-Mad Clown in Beacom Cave beginning (Essentially are upgraded Ozwargs)
-Hork on second floor of Beacom Cave (Great attack power for now)

There's definitely other valid monsters to join you, but these are the ones on top of my head.

Bards Notes, Compass and Boat Quest 3
~it's recommended that you do the first part if the Iron Safe/Leaf of World Tree Quest in conjunction with this so you don't have to return to Ranva again.
1) This starts from step 10 in Boat Quest Part 1. For a refresher, after you finished part 1, you should have spoken to your bard friend in Yaston (picture 1) again where he says he'll give you the compass back if you give him music to drown his sorrows. This is required to get this part started.

2) Head to Manarch and talk to THIS BARD now (picture 2) located behind the Inn. He lost some sheets of music of his during the invasion of Ranva and wants them back. You either volunteer for them or he volunteers you automatically... To Ranva!

3) Maybe sometime I'll map this entire place, and if so, check a maps section if it exists at this time. Otherwise just follow my directions. The notes are located in north-east most house. When you see one that looks like picture 3, check in the corner marked with a yellow square. That's where the bards notes are.

4) Head back to Manarch bard and hand him the notes, and he'll give you a sheet of music. Guess where we go next?

5) Back to the Yaston bard! Give him the sheet of music and he'll give you the compass back! He said it's no longer rusty because he shined it for you. Ain't that swell. You now got another item for your boat!

Iron Safe/Leaf of World Tree Quest
~It is recommended that you do the first part of this quest along with the Bards Notes, Compass and Boat Quest 3 so you won't have to go back into Ranva again. This quest will not be absolutely finish-able until you have your boat however, but getting it started certainly saves time.
~This quest is unable to be completed until you get your boat. To get your boat, you will need to complete Cloak of Wind and Beacom Quest, and Boat Quest 4: The Final Two Items

1) Start off by talking to the merchant in Manarch shown in picture 1. He mentions he left his safe behind in Ranva during the invasion but hired some mercenaries to take care of the job, so he won't need your assistance.

2) Go inside Ranva and head to the northwest-most house where you'll see a female monk just like in picture 2. Talk to her. She was one of the mercenaries sent out to recover the safe, but they got greedy, beat her up and ran off with the iron safe.

3) Back to Manarch merchant, he gets all sad, crying for his safe. After this, you need to wait to get your boat to complete this journey.

4) You have your boat by now, right? Head to Agotrop, which is located east of Runweld. You need to sail to it through one of the rivers that go through the continent. You can go under bridges, btw, which threw me off when I first played and got a boat. :P

5) When you enter Agotrop, search for this woman towards the south of town. Talk to her and she tells you she heard about a group of mercenaries living at the inn lugging an iron safe around. HMM! They apparently didn't stay long and took off with it however. You tell her it was stolen. She says she can help if you do something for her though. She wants you to go through the cave nearby to a city of elves and retrieve a leaf of the world tree.Bring it to her and she'll tell you where the mercenaries ran off to.

6) Head into Agotrop cave and take the exit out of the cave to reach a small island with a tree (I might have a map of Agotrop cave in the maps section, I might not) Go inside the tree and have fun navigating this maze. I will NOT map this one, but if any kind souls wish to make direction or maps to this, feel free. It's a bit of a mapping nightmare. Best recommendation I have for you is once you leave the first tree and are walking on limbs, take the first north and right limb. After that, you are on your own.

7) Once you make it up top, you'll be in a village full of bratty ass elves that hate you. Screw them and go talk to the queen (picture 2). She'll first send you away, but then have a change of heart and say go into her secret chambers (picture 3) for a Leaf of the World item. It can revive a party-mate outside of battle. When you use it up, you can get another one here, but only one can be held per person. Great for travel!

8) Return to the lady in Agotrop with the leaf. The game says she takes the leaf, but she actually doesn't. She tells you the mercenaries left the inn but didn't take the safe with them, and there's a hole in their room you probably could sneak into to take back the safe.

9) Go to the inn and up the stairs. Not giving you a pic clue for this one cause it's simple enough. Go all the way right and south through the wall. Inside the house, go fart left and head to the safe and pick it up.

10) Return to the Manarch merchant from way back when and hand over the iron safe. Talk to him again and he'll give it back to you (after he grabbed his possessions out of it). You can use it as a personal bank if you buy a house. This really isn't that thrilling compared to the Leaf, but hey, quest finished!
Armor Gilder Quest
This is an optional side quest.

1) Talk to this guy in Manarch, located on top of the castle walls (if you can't find it... EXPLORE A LITTLE!). He mentions he was a blacksmith back in Ranva before the monsters came, but he lost his tools. if you help him out, he will imbue your armor with a stat buff! The items he needs are:
-1 metal slime skin, dropped off of metal slimes. These can be found near Canthus Castle, on the island that surrounds the castle's island. (Neutral World) This place is marked with ???? on the neutral world map located here. If you know a Goof Off with transmute skin skill, they can take 2 green slime skins and attempt to make them into metal.
*He actually says 10, but then changes his mind when you talk to him again, stating 1.
-1 Lava Doll Idol, dropped by lava dolls. They are in Runweld Cave past the stairs that lead to Evil World.

2) After giving him those, he gives you a choice of what you want to imbue your armor with in exchange for a certain monster part.
-Yellow Slime Skin, only obtainable via transmute skin ability, increases defense a little.
-Giant Worm Skin, dropped by Giant worms outside of Runweld, add 30 hp.
-Diverat Wing, dropped by near Yaston, increase agility a little.
-MagiDrakee Wing, dropped by Magidrakees inside Runweld Cave, add mp.

He can only one of these imbues at a time per armor, so don't think you can stack these on. Also, it is highly advised that unless you don't mind grinding for parts or have extras, wait awhile before imbuing armor. I don't know the values of any of the besides hp, because hp seems to be the most worth it. This is not a required quest, btw, just a small additive.

Liquor-Maker Quest
This is an optional sidequest.

1) In Manarch on the castle walls, talk to THIS guy. He can make liquor for you that restores MP as you walk, but first he needs a few items. 
-1 metal slime skin, dropped off of metal slimes. These can be found near Canthus Castle, on the island that surrounds the castle's island. (Neutral World) This place is marked with ???? on the neutral world map located here. If you know a Goof Off with transmute skin skill, they can take 2 green slime skins and attempt to make them into metal
-1 Wraith Knight Bone - Dropped off of Wraith Knights in Smack's cave (evil world past B'Nda), a few floors in. 
-1 Thevro Flame Sac - dropped off of Thevros far east of Yaston.
-1 Magi Babble gut - Dropped by babbles located in B'Li cave (Evil world intersection cave that can lead you to D'Taka, Neutral World, or B'Li)

2) Once you gather all of the ingredients, he will give you 5 free samples of Magi Babble Brew, which restore mp as you walk for a period of time. You can have him make more by bringing him more magibabble guts.

This quest is not required to be done, but only a small additive.

Cloak of Wind and Beacom Quest
Quests required to be completed: Wells Fargo Quest/Boat Quest Part 2

1) After finishing Wells Fargo Quest/Boat Quest Part 2, talk to the king of Manarch again (picture 1 lol). This would be after he gave you the Golden Sextant. He says since you helped in the past he wishes to ask you for help again getting boat trade up again. The king used to do trade with the town of Beacom, but they haven't been sailing over lately, so he wants you to investigate. He then directs you to his regent, adviser or whatever to get more info.

2) Talk to the blue dude! (picture 2) He says Beacom is on an island past Thenton Tower, but the only way to get there without a boat is jumping off of the tower! Normally that would kill a person though, so  you may want the cloak of wind. Unfortunately... they already gave the cloak to some other guy that hasn't returned. Adviser dude thinks the guy might still be in the tower so if he's there, alive or dead, just take it off him (how lovely). And if you can't do that, then he says he'll try to figure another solution out (but he won't).

3) Head to Thenton tower, located northwest of the town of Thenton. At the time of writing this, I do not have a map readily available of Thenton Tower. When I eventually make a maps section, I'll direct you to there, but for now, best advice I can give is walk on the outer edges of the tower to find the correct path upward. You'll eventually find a guy that looks like in picture 3. You'll fnd out this guy has been slacking off and getting high like a jackass. he says he has some serious "thinking" to do, but gives you the cloak of wind to go away. Ta da!

4) Continue making your way up until you see a scene like in picture 4. be sure to have your cloak of wind equipped then jump off the ledge!You won't be able to jump without it on.

Also fun fact, the blue fairy water that is sometimes needed to clear the well in Yaston is located on the yellow square. Just thought I'd let you know. It's not related to this quest at all!

5) Leap on off and go north and east liek direction towards the cave. You'll need to go inside and navigate through this cave. I recommend going to the map section now and opening the Beacom maps in new tabs/windows so there's less hassle.

-The first right has a long path that has a chest containing the Light Sword, a decent free weapon for bards, rangers, and soldiers. It also sells pretty well, so worth getting if you are poor.

6) After bracing the cave and arriving into Beacom, talk to the man in picture 5. He's on the far east side of Beacom. He said boats haven't returned here too, economy gone dead... blah blah blah. He'll point you in on where to go on the next boat quest. This quest to Beacom guide is complete, next tone will pick up from where we left off here.

Boat Quest 4: The Final Two Items
Quest required: Cloak of Wind and Beacom Quest

1) As we last left off, have a chat with this guy (picture 1) again. He asks us to search along the boat trade routes for missing ships. The route extends from Phoenix Knights to Manarch coast lines.

2) Return to Manarch, get outside and go east till you see the coast. Hug the coast and continue north until you see a boat in a scene similar to picture 2. Be warned a boss fight is coming so you may want some company.

3) Enter the ship. You can chat with the sailors for more background talk, but if you want to cut to the chase, go south till you see the ship's steering wheel. Right above it is the door to the boss fight (you can't see it, just walk towards it). Enter the door, go down, and you'll start overhearing a conversation of how the first mate and captain plan to kill their crew to split all the money they scammed posing as a captain for trade ships and such. You then get to mess things up by making noise and they go fight ya.

Funny fact, I've actually had the first mate run away in this battle, which makes this boss fight even more of a joke than it is.

4) After defeating them, be sure to check the drawers on the left that I marked with a yellow square in picture 3. This contains the telescope, which should be your third to last boat piece!

5) Return to Beacom and tell that guy from picture 1 what happened. He'll thank you, make some arrangements and then give you the cabaret ticket. He says it'll be awhile before ships start coming in so you should go enjoy the cabaret and even rest at the inn here. 

6) The cabaret is west of the guy in picture 1, you really can't miss it. If you want to just get this plot done with, simply talk to the head dancer (marked with a red square in picture 4) and head back to the guy in picture 1. He asks if you enjoyed the cabaret, says ships aren't ready yet, and recommend you take a night at the inn.

7) Go sleep at the inn. You must be the one that talks to the innkeeper by the way; can't have someone else pay for it to progress this.

8) Return to the guy in picture 1 and he thanks you for all your help in this. Ships are now being sold! He says to be sure to have the 4 required ship items! If you have been following this guide down and in order, you should have 3 of the 4 required items. He offers to make the missing item for you in exchange for:
-1 Green Slime Skin - dropped by green slimes in the upper levels of Thenton Tower and in the lower levels of Runweld Basement. You can also buy them in AvLynyss Item shop for 7500 gold.
-1 Mage Cloth - dropped by Sizar Mages and other mages in first floor of Thenton Tower (but Sizar Mages I've actually seen most often). You can also buy them in AvLynyss Item Shop for 40,000 gold.

9) Once you have the required items, turn them into the guy and he'll give you the sailing logs! You now (SHOULD) have all the items required to buy a ship! Feel free to buy a ship of your choice! I recommend EVENTUALLY getting the Frigate (the four-person boat) because you never know when you'll want to carry four people.
Congratulations, you have your boat! I recommend

-Scroll back up in this guide and finish Iron Safe/Leaf of World Tree Quest now that you can
-Explore the world! Get Hillock's save spot or check out Canthus Castle with the metal slimes that spawn around it.
-Check out Agotrop Cave, has a lot of goodies!

Cave of Trials (Floor Key & Statue Pattern ONLY) 


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