Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Women's World Cup

I have been watching the Women's World Cup since it first started, and it has been absolutely excellent. Last year with the Men's league, every team I rooted for was knocked out (usually to shitty refs, though a few was team's faults). There was also a shitload more drama, because they dive more than the women do for calls.

Women's league, despite not being as popular as the men's has been more true to the sport and the amazing plays. When they get knocked down, they usually won't just hold onto an injury for a call (exception: Brazil), it's get the fuck back up and get back in the game.

At this time, the teams fighting for the gold is USA, Sweden, Japan, and France. Well... it was France, but USA just recently beat them in a great game.

Out of nowhere, Japan managed to beat Germany to make it here, which I am just thrilled about. Japan is my second favorite to win next to USA. Normally, I root for North American teams (cause... I live here :P) and then I root for the Asian countries since I don't recall seeing them in the finals usually.  It also depends how the teams play, if we have sore sports I'll drop them. Japan has been proving to be not only good sports, but offering a completely different playstyle. Unlike teams who specialize in offense or defense... this team relies on tactics. Their offense and defense are rather... average to say the least, which makes every match a tough fight. But they have such good handling on the ball, it gives them a different style of play. In some ways, I wonder if this style was the perfect counter to beat Germany.

USA has been showing so much heart, it's not funny. Our team is so well rounded with all players being of good value (though some have had some bad days) and being very fit gives makes us a force to be reckoned with. I think our strengths have to be about being well rounded, but that might be a biased comment to be honest. We barely beat Brazil, but the ref also went into super retard mode with some calls. It was so bad that the stadium booed Brazil (especially their star player, Marta) every time they had possession. And people were chanting for USA, even the other countries in the stands. It honestly felt like the world was coming together against the enemy (in this case, was Brazil). Oh... and one other thing great about the USA? The goalie, Hope Solo.

This woman is not only nice to look at, but she has such a great demeanor in goal, it's almost like she's a sociopath (and I mean that in the best way possible). Even when doing penalty shots, she stays calm. When she is scored upon, she remains calm too, or brushes it off. The only time I really saw her emote in game was when super retard mode ref in the Brazil game gave her a yellow card for something she didn't do (replay proved, not that it matters to FIFA).

France and Sweden are also in these final games, but I wasn't really rooting for them. I do respect them both, though, and I'd not have too big a problem if they had won (Brazil is the only one I did not want to win because of their attitudes and dirty playing), but I like Japan and USA more. My ideal end ranking for the world cup would be USA in first, Japan in second, Sweden in third, and France in last (I like Sweden a little more than France). I will say I liked how France played today; they had good sportsmanship, played fiercely (2nd half they were dominating us for awhile), and overall did well... I think the rain through them off some though, because in an earlier match with England, they were so freaking fast, I was very worried about them.

As for Sweden, I'm mostly indifferent to them; they beat out Australia, which i was slightly leaning towards over them, but they are good players and I would not be surprised if they beat Japan right now. I do want Japan to beat them, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. 

If USA goes against Japan in the finals, of course I'll root for USA, but I will not have any shame against losing to Japan. I'm sure with all the shit they went through with the Earthquake and all, it would be a great pick-me-up.

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  1. Usually don't watch soccer, but if I have time I might try and catch a match or two for this series.