Sunday, July 17, 2011

Women's World Cup, Part 2

My prediction of the winners had almost came perfectly true. Japan made it to the finals with USA, and when Sweden and France played, Sweden won. But today, Japan beat USA in penalty shoot outs because USA choked.

There is no reason to be angry with Japan for how they played; they were excellent and took advantage of our mistakes just like any team should do. I am happy for them as this has to be a monumental moment for their country after the earthquake related disasters. It even turns out their original coach had died because of the Earthquake. They won it for their country and for their lost coach.

USA played well throughout the main game. It was when they made it to penalty kicks we just choked. They put the goalie, Hope Solo, in an awkward position by missing 3 kicks. She managed to save one goal to keep us dangling, but it wasn't enough, nor should have been relied upon. I'm proud of them for making it so far, however, and will hope for their success in their next big event... I believe it's the Olympics. I think that their showing in this World Cup garnered them a lot of attention, so perhaps more people will watch their games.

I realize many people say, "it's just women's soccer, it doesn't matter," but that because of the stigmata the media portrays, in my opinion. There much more support for male leagues, which is sad but true, thus gives us less interest in the game. Hell, soccer alone in our country is not exactly popular either (though it's gotten a lot better in terms of interest over the years).

However, I really have no interest in watching most sports. Basketball, Baseball, and (American) Football are completely boring to me (ESPECIALLY american football). Soccer does something different, though. It feels much more exciting to watch with a lot more pressure. It's probably because I grew up playing soccer, though I also did play a little basketball and baseball.

I also have to say, despite this being a Women's World Cup, I felt it was a hell of a lot more exciting than the men's last year. I suppose it is because two phenomenal teams I was rooting for made it to the finals this year. I think I shall be watching more of the Major League Soccer matches on TV though, both men's and women's. I sort of wish we had a co-ed World Cup, but I suppose it could be a bit too much, especially how people would react if a man fouled a women... Still, I think it would be amazing to have and would stop dividing our sexes.

Little tangent aside, congratulations to Japan for your well deserved win in this year's World Cup! :)

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