Saturday, July 23, 2011


Lately, I have been playing so much of the playstation 2 game series, .Hack.

I originally started playing them a few years back when I was still in college. I had saw the anime on Cartoon network a few times in the past and thought the idea of it in game form would be so cool. Finding out there were games really made my day! I think my parents bought me the first 2, Infection and Mutation. Unfortunately, it was hard to track down the last two. Part 3 (Outbreak) I managed to find in the used bin at ones of the game stores that weren't transformed into Game Stop yet, but it was months before I could find the final one, Quarantine. By the time I found Quarantine though, I had already beaten Outbreak for awhile now and had gotten a bit bored. So I figured I'd go back to it eventually.

Years later, I got back to it (about at most, 3 months ago). Except I didn't feel like continuing the progress I made before; I barely remembered what happened, plus I missed a lot of stuff in my first playthrough. Going through it all again was a lot of fun, and as I finally beat Quarantine, I noticed it mentioned save data that could transferred. What? But... wasn't Quarantine the last in the game?

No. There's another series on PS2 called .Hack G.U. So...  went a hunting for it! I checked my ever so trusty Amazon and... it's fucking 30 bucks for the game USED!

Fuck that shit, I'm not shelling out that much money for the game, USED! If it was New, I'd probably bend over and take it, but not USED! Looking around, i eventually find a few places that sell it for reasonable prices... except most are freaking sold out. Then i finally find the first two games for 19.99 on gamestop and sigh in relief, and bookmark the page. I decided to put off buying them until the next day cause... well i was feeling lazy. The next day? Website said they were unavailable.


But luck was on my side! I checked the site again a few days later and they were back in stock. Well, just the first one. I bought, played it, loved it, and bought the second one just before I completely beat the first. I now am missing on one more in the .Hack GU series... and its price is ridiculous. 29.99 is the lowest i can find that currently has the game in stock. Used. Everywhere else is ass loads more expensive or no longer available. I'm sad that Best Buy shows Volume 3 at 24.99 but has been unavailable for weeks. Don't get me wrong, 24.99 before shipping and handling is still ridiculous, but I'm willing to deal with that.

Now the request for assistance: If anyone can find Dot Hack G.U. Vol 3 Redemption for at MOST 24.99 used, please let me know! I'd like to complete the game! If I cannot, I may just end up renting the final game from Gamefly. Hell of a lot cheaper, but more hassle since it's a subscription service and all that I'd have to cancel right afterwards... Plus I'd rather own the game, personally.

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  1. I have no clue where you can get those games, sorry bro.