Monday, April 25, 2011

House (expect spoilers)

So I finally caught up on some TV shows. Some have gotten a lot better, others devolved into their norm after making a dramatic change (just like every friggin series seems to love to do).

House did the latter. For most of this season, they had Dr. House in a relationship with his boss, Dr. Cutty. Then not too long ago, they suddenly decide it won't work out. Sad for awhile, and then House goes back to his vicodin addiction, and EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL! Fry from Futurama called this sort of thing the secret to television: by the end of the episode, everything is back to normal. Personally, I find it incredibly lazy. They tried something new, got scared, and so brought things back to normal. Granted, at least it wasn't just one episode like Fry's theory, but really... couldn't even last the end of the season.

 And even more annoying, they recently got rid of the new female doctor, Masters, who is freaking cute!
Yeah, she isn't downright hot or anything, but her character (and actress) was rather refreshing to me. Being a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and being little miss moral was a welcoming, different role to add to the cast. However, thirteen finally comes back and then they had to shove off Masters next episode right away.Quite the piss-off.

Show-wise, it's not absolute she'll never return, but she is done with House's team. Maybe she'll work in the hospital and pop up occasionally or something, but doesn't seem like that'll be happening.


  1. I have watched house in a while, that seriously sucks. Isn't this the last season too? I need to get caught up.

  2. I need to catch up on this, too ;__;