Friday, July 13, 2012

Dragon Warrior 4 NES comic

This comic was made by my online friend and I. While I wrote 90% of the script, she did 99% of the imaging (I helped find images for her to use).

If you don't get it too well, I'll write an explanation at the end.

EXPLANATION - For those whom do not know, Taloon is a merchant character that sometimes goofs off in battle. His goofs can be great-such a summoning a merchant army to attack the enemy 3 times or so, or he throws his weapon for a critical hit-and they can be bad, such as staring blanky into space, or trying to calm down the enemy so it runs away. This example was his terrible pun ability. It really CAN work on Necrosaro, but it can happen at inopportune times.

Necrosaro cannot ACTUALLY fall on you, btw, but seemed fitting. Originally, I planned to have Necrosaro just get pissed and wipe the two out with just the hero glaring at Taloon or have a look of "WHY TALOON, WHY!" but when I found out his pun actually could work... this happened.

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