Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stray kittie

Been awhile since I've updated. I have been distracted with a contest and game obsessions lately (Namely pokemon heart gold and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2).

Today I bring you a cat that survived Hurricane Irene. He's been hovering around our house since then, as well as our neighbors, looking for love... and food~! I present to you the cat I have named, "Kittie." (not Kitty).

Originally thought to be our neighbor's cat, Kittie could always be seen begging for food at their house. One morning, my sister was getting ready for work when she heard mewing. One look at the cat and she instantly felt she had to help. She gave it some of her chicken salad (wiping away the mayo) which it gobbled up eagerly.

Around this time is when I woke up, and my sister jumped me, asking to put out some water for it too because she was running late already. I was cautious about being too close to the cat when I did that, and it seemed to sense my apprehension as well and backed off. I wasn't sure if it had fleas bouncing around it or other diseases. From then on, Sis became one of the feeders of the cat.

During this time, the neighbors noticed her helping out as well and approached her. It turned out that while they did help feed the cat, it wasn't theirs! This cat must have sensed our neighbors other cat and knew they had food or something. They tried to take it in but it fought with their cat. Instead they took to feeding and whenever it stopped by. They were hoping we could take it, but our landlord said no more pets after our dog died some years back.

I ended up feeding the cat once during a really bad rain storm. Sis had too many things to do at night at the cat was mewing for food. Being a bit of an animal lover, I caved in and grabbed the cat food Sis bought and put it out for it. I still was hesitant to touch it. There was a time when I pet a friendly stray cat and had fleas jump on me, so strays make me very nervous to be around. This cat still seems pretty well groomed though, and well behaved!

We believe Kittie got lost during Hurricane Irene, or perhaps even abandoned. It appears to have been well taken care of previously and very smart! it had gotten two households to feed it, seems to know just when someone is walking by a door and able to give you that "feed me please" look. It also is aggressively friendly! Today while Sis was feeding it, I went out to tell her something and Kittie jumped right over to me, rubbing up against me. So while it may not like other cats, it definitely seeks affection from humans.

We are now in the process of finding it a home. We rather not spend money to put it in a no-kill shelter, and refuse to let it anywhere near a kill shelter. I'm also scouring Craig's List to see if anyone lost a cat.


  1. He looks so beautiful! As you said, he looks well groomed.

    Too bad you cannot keep it. What if you insist to the landlord?

    I have neglected my own blog, as well. Too tired after the contests so I just want to rest for a while now...

  2. Landlord was pretty adamant about no pets. He recently refused letting our upstairs neighbors have a cat so it wouldn't looks good if we managed to convince him. Plus, my mom and dad don't want to deal with the smell of a litterbox, so they aren't too keen on the convincing part. Mom would rather have a dog.

    And yeah, I been concentrating my time on DQMJ2, haha.