Friday, January 6, 2012

Faith pictures!

As I promised in the past, I planned to have a post full of pictures dedicated to our new American Eskimo dog, Faith! She's been with us for more than a month (close to two), and has been growing fairly well!
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This is when Faith first came home. She wouldn't sit still so my father had to hold her. Not the best picture I could have done.
After she got away from dad's hands, is when I got this picture.

Probably my favorite picture, she looks like she is saying, "Oh hey there!" This and almost all the pictures below this were taken by my best friend, Sierra.
 We believe we have identified Faith as having some sort of abandonment issues. If she isn't around at least two people she gets upset and cries. She has gotten better lately, but still doesn't like anyone to leave.

 Faith finally has been able to sleep in my parents bedroom regularly, so unlike in the first entry about Faith where people had to sleep in the living room with her, she is content and able to hold her bladder long enough to be in their room overnight.

 That's not to say she doesn't have accidents still. She still sometimes gets so excited she cannot control it and she sprinkles on people. Also when Faith scares herself, she does it sometimes too. Like once she came tromping in my room (despite how I try not to let her in very often) and knocked over my external hard drive. It scared her so much she pissed on my carpet. I was kind of pissed off, but... I can't really say it's completely her fault.

 We brought Faith over to both sides of the family this Christmas. At my father's side of the family, she peed when she first saw so many people. After she settled down, she was pretty much the center of attention of everyone! My aunt tried to get Faith to meet her huge cat, Nermal. They mostly just looked at each other with indifference... Faith wanted to play a little but was scared and Nermal was like, "Can I go now?"

 On my mother side of the family, Faith ended up peeing slightly on people that held her when she first got there, but soon settled down as well. I was rather surprised that a lot of the family fawned over her too; when we were leaving, my aunt that tends to be a bit selfish went, "Oh I have to say good bye to Faith!" It's a good thing Faith seems to love all people, I think that's what really makes her so amiable.

 My friend, Sierra, has been coming over constantly to be with Faith. She's sort of like our puppy nanny; helps us have a break from constantly having to take care of her. Faith likes to go outside often whether it is rain or shine, bitterly cold or not. We take her out so often in case it's bathroom reasons, but sometimes she lies just to go out and have fun. That's understandable and we should let her have some fun outside, but she sometimes wants to be out there... ALL DAY! And she isn't able to be outside on her own because she gets lonely. Sierra certainly has taken this huge burden off of us quite often; it also lets mom and I get other things done.

Faith investigating Sierra's backpack some.
 She also seems to love walks, but gets a bit panicky. I've taken her for a total of two walks myself, but she's had others before. First time I walked Faith around the block, she stopped just before the small park I was planning to go to, desiring to get back home. I had to pick her up since we do have some roaming cats around. She even stopped before I said to because she saw a cat and knew that meant she needed to be picked up.

 On the second walk, which was last evening, she was a little braver. Of course, it seemed that everyone else decided to take their dog out; we had run into three dogs and one cat on this walk! She was a little overeager with the first dog. It was an older woman walking her little toy completely with a doggie coat. I picked Faith up but she squirmed as we passed. She then broke out in a run, and we made it to the small park. So tempted to have her slide down the slide, but considering how dark it was and it being her visit, I decided against it. On the way back, a man had let his little Scottish terrier out. The dog was calm and all, but I still picked Faith up to be sure not to have them bother each other. The scottie just kind of followed us, looking happy, not barking. The man called it back though, and all was well.

That was me in the background in Stewie pajama bottoms, heh.
After I was able to put her down, someone let their dog out in a fenced area, where it barked over and over at her. Faith let out her own silly yip before just ignoring it. Then just on the home stretch, we passed these group of women in and around a car just chatting. They were feeding a roaming cat that was in the middle of the street and saw Faith. they called her cute from across the street and said to go chase the cat. Faith just sat in front and offered her paw to them. After that she just jumped up to me and started trying to lick me. My guess is she was just so happy to see so many people and things since she doesn't get walks too often.

The most recent picture of her and taken by me. She's in my sister's lap covered with blankets.
Yeah, I sound like a total mush, I know. Faith has been kind of dictating our lives a little because of how much attention she needs. I know it'll become easier as she gets older and can hold her bladder better and tell us what she needs easier though. She still doesn't like it when I go downstairs to play video games, or when someone goes to the bathroom.


  1. Oh, she is beautiful! I wish they would stay that age forever, though, heheheheh. Later, they grow so large and heavy, having them in your lap will be impossible...

  2. that is one of the cutest puppies ive ever seen